10 Months Post Op – Goals are Great but Consistency is Key

Update Time!

The dog days of Summer are upon us and unlike last year I am back in the trenches with my fellow runners. Slogging sweaty miles has become a norm as this humidity just won’t quit.

Grumbling at the weather is a common occurrence (we’ve gotten about 10 inches of rain thus far in July) but I suck it up, put on my lightest clothing, and hit the streets.

Admittedly I had grand plans this spring about a running a Fall Marathon and quickly getting my speed back. Suffice to say neither of those things are or have happened. I am slowly chipping away at my speed but a Fall Marathon is not in the cards for 2021.

My workout load have increased and I am finally putting in 40 mile weeks – a far cry from the 0.0 miles I was running last year.

So that being said I thought I would give 10 “Quick Spits” on I am faring 10 months post Hamstring surgery – both what is working and what I am working on (HELLO mental game).

So without further ado –

Quick Splits – 10 months post Hamstring Surgery

  • As I mentioned my speed has not come back as fast as I would have liked. I am trying to give myself “grace” and remind myself how long I was out of the running game. I’m also working to not compare myself (that much) to others as we are each on our own journey.
  • I’ve also removed myself from some “Hamstring Injury” . Although super helpful prior to and soon after my surgery, it became a dark rabbit hole. Heading over after “bad” day to commiserate with others was great, but I realized that I was starting to have a fatalist attitude on how successful my recovery “might be”. Not good for my mojo.
  • My incision site is still numb to a certain degree but it does not bother me much. I suspect that over time it will go away over a period of time
  • My Peloton has improved my endurance and strength but as my daily mileage has increased my riding has decreased. BUT I have made a point to use it daily for a quick strength or stretching workout.
  • On that same note – riding has helped me re-gain strength, but it’s not going to get me as strong as I need to pound the pavement. So I have been making a consistent effort to get at least 2-3 solid strength sessions a week. Shoutout again to Peloton Platform (I love the Strength for Runners classes) and my coach for some solid content.
  • Although a Fall Marathon is not in the cards – a half is! I have not pulled the trigger BUT I plan on running/racing the Hartford Half Marathon in October.
  • As for races, I don’t have any on the calendar yet. Still just working on time on feet, strengthening my body (and mind)
  • In speaking to the title of my blog post – its a phrase I have repeated a lot this Spring and Summer. I had grand goals in February BUT I know that the time, effort & sweat will be worth it come fall
  • It amazes me that last year at this time I could not even sit still to type out this post. As long as the recovery time was, the surgery was definitely worth it!
  • And last but not least – my mental game. I’m notorious for walking during a Quality workout and last week Coach called me out. The fact that the workout is not only the rep really resonated with me. It’s what I am currently working on re-framing in my mind.

So that’s it in a nutshell – still moving forward (which is better than not moving at all!)

Let’s hope by my next post – the sun will be shining because I’m really over these cloudy days.

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