Back East Brewing – Breads and Brews II – Thirsty Thursday

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to be invited to the second installment of Breads and Brews II hosted by Back East Brewing Company and The Hartford Baking Company.

Breads and Brews II - The Hartford Baking Company Breads and Brews II

If you are new to the blog and have not heard me profess my love for the first event – click here and here.

Breads and Brews II

Mark and I (aka “The Running Czar” and newly titled “Instagram Husband”) arrived and were greeted by Tony – owner of Back East Brewery.

I was able to chat with him for a bit (he remembered me from the last event) and as the food was still being set up, I headed over to the bar to taste their recently released DIPA – Tony Goes Dancing.  I am a fan of their Pallet Mallet Brew and this DIPA did not disappoint.






Mark and I chatted while listening to the cool acoustic vibes coming from Kevin Howard, whom provided a great mix of music throughout the evening.

Breads and Brews II - Music

Pretty soon the food was ready and guests were treated to “Classic German Fare” paired with some glorious breads from The Hartford Baking Company.Serving Food

Although all of the food was good – my personal favorites and standouts were the Cheddar Ale Soup, infused with Back East Ale and topped with a Ginger Snap Crumble and a Frikadellen, which was a pork and lamb German style meatball.Breads and Brews II - Plate of German FareBreads and Brews II - German Fare Another angle







The pretzel knots provided the perfect dipping vessel to scrape up the last bits of Cheddar Ale Soup and the Back East Porter Sourdough provided an efficient “tool” to gather hold the fork tender Sauerbraten and Braised Cabbage.

20160309_19091520160309_190918  Breads and Brews II - Dunking master

Breads and Brews II - Soup and Berliner Weisse
Another picture of the glorious cheddar ale soup.

Throughout the event I was able to try some of the “new to me” beers that Back East brews but I usually shy away from – specifically their Bono Mosaic Pilsner and Berliner Weisse Tart Cherry.  I am not usually a fan of either of these styles but I figured I should give them a chance – because really isn’t trying beer from the source the best way to try something.

Of the two – I would say that the Bono Mosaic Pilsner was my favorite.  The addition of the mosaic hops provided enough depth that I could see myself drinking it on a warm summer day.

That is not to say that I did not enjoy that Berliner Wessse Tart Cherry – it was just not my cup of tea.

Connect 4 – A Game of Champions…just not for me

Having had our fill of food and grabbing my go-to brew, the Back East Brewing Company Misty IPA, Mark and I headed over to the brand spanking new wooden Connect 4 positioned in the corner of the tasting room.


Back East Brewery
The look of someone whom has just lost a lot of games.

Back East BreweryBack East Brewery - Post recipe selfie

I will not bore you with details, but needless to say – I won the first game – and that was it.  It was not my best night.  However, Mark might have won the battle but the war still rages on!

Toward the end of the evening – I again has the pleasure of speaking to Scott Kluger about the success of this event and the expansion of The Hartford Baking Company to a new storefront this May in West Hartford.  He has a lot of ideas and plans for the new location – stay tuned…

I also got a chance to speak to Tony, thanking him for putting on another event.  He indicated that they are looking to put another one on in the summer – which would be great – especially if their permits go through for the patio.Breads and Brews II - Josh the Co owner

You can bet I will definitely be purchasing tickets!











And if our night could not get any better – I (actually Mark and I tied) for the Instagram contest that was posted on Facebook earlier in the day.  So in addition to full bellies, we went home with a fresh growler of Tony Goes Dancing AND a loaf of the Back East Porter Peasant Sourdough.

Back East Brewing - Growler
Growler for the win!!! (Filled with Tony Goes Dancing, of course)

Breads and Brews - The Hartford Baking Company Porter Peasant Bread













Disclaimer: I was asked to attend this event free of charge in exchange for writing a review on the blog. Although this post is sponsored, the opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.




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