Body Roc – Hurts So Good!

With sweat dripping over every inch of my body, I was in the middle of my final circuit, boxing my heart out during “Butt & Legs” day at Body Roc Fit Lab.

Body Roc Gloves

No matter how much I wanted to quit (and believe me I wanted to) I couldn’t because through the darkness, a voice rose high above the pulsating music – encouraging and pushing the 20 or so people whom decided they wanted to start their day sweating and working their asses off.


I admit that those are three phrases that one probably does not want to hear at 5:30AM (this coming from a morning runner) on a Tuesday but having finally signed up for a Body Roc Class – that was what I heard.

Rewind a bit to this past winter when I first had  the opportunity to try a Body Roc class during Yelp’s Fit Club.  I thought I would be “shown the motions” but I was oh so I was wrong.  In the course of 50 heart pounding minutes, I experienced one of the sweatiest and most invigorating workouts I had ever participated in.  So I did what any fitness loving junkie would do, I purchased and signed up for more classes. 

My reasonable reasoning was that this “different” workout would be a perfect way for me to cross-train and develop some more strength that I will need this fall during those later marathon miles.

It helped that the founder and brains behind Body Roc,  Shaun Chambers, a Connecticut native, has a strong love of fitness, diet and exercise. So much so that he developed Body Roc,  an intense circuit-style interval workout with the atmosphere of a dance club (per their website).  Body Roc has only been open since late last year but have developed quite a following.  So much so – that I have had to book a week in advance, just to secure a spot.

This intense (and I mean that in a good way) circuit-style interval workout combining three components – treadmill running (that are self propelled allowing the user to control the speed),  weight training, and boxing.  Not only are you sweating (a lot), and having Shaun push and encourage you for 50 minutes, but each of his classses are combined with pulsating music. 

Body Roc Boxing Bags Body Roc Fitness Studio

I admit that the combination of music to get your heart pumping and legs moving (especially important at 5:30am or 5:30pm) and knowing that each time you come to Body Roc you are going to get a different workout – was what first drew me to these  classes.  However, after taking several different classes, it is Shaun’s leadership throughout the class and trying to get one more Body Roc Squat done before time expires that keeps me coming back. 

I know that I am going to leave a sweaty mess, and will be sore the next day but it is a good sore, the kind that will make me keep signing up for more  classes in the future.



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    I LOVE any kind of boxing class and am a member of Title. There is nothing like it!

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    Sounds like an awesome gym (and workout). Reminds me of a class I took at Barry’s Bootcamp NYC – tough, but the instructor pushes you when he senses slowdown.


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