Bolton Road Race – I Ran the Hill!

Asย this is a running as well as a food blog – you get to (from time to time) hear me ramble about running, so settle in. ๐Ÿ™‚

Earlier in the year, when I was injured and not running, I signed upย for the Bolton Road Race.ย  As many runner’s will tell you – those who can’t run…. sign up for races.ย  I don’t know why we do it – maybe to make us feel better and give us a glimmer of hope that whatever injury or ailment we are currently dealing with willย not last forever (although many times it feels that way).

Well, I am back to running and more importantly training for the Amica Half Marathon in June BUTย I have just started doing “quality workouts”, so I was by no means ready to give this race an “Olympic Effort”.

Luckily I was told that this was going to be a quality workout session – phew – until I read the workout plan.

1 mile warm up
1×2 at easy pace
1×2 at marathon pace
1×1 at threshold pace

This might not seem like a problem – I mean I ran a similar workout on the track last Sunday – BUT the last mile, the threshold pace that I was to run – seemed (and was) difficult and nearly impossible.

Why might you ask – because the Bolton Road Race is “famous” for the hill. ย I mean the tag line for the race is “Come Run The Hill”.

Connecticut is known for what I like to call “rolling hills” and this race has a doozy and it’s at the end and (from the rumors that I overheard before the race started) the grade is from 12% to 40%.

BUT – I just wanted to get back out there – to see my friends – and to get that “race feeling” that runners get when surrounded my like minded people.ย  I mean how many others do you know that would drive to Bolton, CT on a Sunday afternoon – to run up “THE HILL”.ย  Well – about 300 this past Sunday.Bolton Road Race

I had never run the Bolton Road Raceย until Sunday but I have heard about it for years – it’s a really grass roots race, put on to support the Bolton Boosters and run expertly by Dani Kennedy – whom I have never met but silently cursed up that hill.

But what did I have to lose – I know I am working toward something bigger but nerves still took over.ย  I wanted to do well, I wanted to run fast but I knew I had to stick to the plan.

And I am glad I did – the Bolton Road Race courseย is a figure 8 loop and there are some pretty steep declines, even one before the hill, but I kept telling myself over and over – stick to the plan, stick to the plan.

Bolton Road Race - Looking Like a runner

And for the most part I did. ย I am not going to lie – the hill sucked and I did not hit my pace for the last mile but I ran up the entire hill. ย I did not stop and once I saw Dani – asking her if she was the race director and she confirming – I knew I had nothing but sweet sailing down hill to the finish.

The time was not what I wanted BUT I got back out there and saw some great people in the process. ย I “speak” to them often on Facebook throughout my non racing months but it was great catching up and knowing that for the next couple of months I will be seeing some, if not all of them, often.

And really isn’t that what running is about – a sense of community.

Poor Attempt at Selfie

So – would I run the Bolton Road Raceย again next year. ย Definitely – the hill and I have some unfinished business.Bolton Road Race - Finish


  1. Mark

    very proud of you and excited that you were able to successfully able to conquer the hill!

  2. Avatar

    So glad to have “met” you through Brett! I’ve run this race a few times but not for many years. That hill is NO JOKE but you feel amazing once it’s done. Nice job out there and maybe we’ll see each other at a local race…:-)

    1. Avatar

      Yes – I love meeting other CT runners! I will look for your Oiselle singlet ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Avatar

    Ha, 1 mile is 2/3rd of my run! I signed up for a 1.5 mile run next month and have been practicing…. Slowly!

  4. Avatar

    I like to call it, “A hill you can be proud of!” Plus, there are brownies at the end! Introduce yourself next time! Thanks for the nice write up.

    1. Avatar

      I was proud I made it up without stopping. I remember coming over the top and you telling me “you can hate me if you want” – I just remember seeing the pictures of the sweet treats you baked on Facebook earlier in the week and that soon I would be devouring them

  5. Avatar

    Like in the movie “Galaxy Quest”, “never give up…never surrender!”

  6. Avatar

    Love your description of the race – particularly the hill! It was so nice “running” into you at the BRR. It is a race that I look forward to each year. And this year we were treated to such great weather! And a wedding! ๐Ÿ™‚


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