Breads & Brews Recap – Thirsty Thursday

Breads & Brews

Happy Thursday everyone!!!  For this week’s Thirsty Thursday, I wanted to do a recap of a great event I had the opportunity to attend last November. That’s right – Breads & Brews (if you could not tell from the title). Breads & Brews was a great collaboration put on by Hartford Baking Company and Back East Brewery.  The event took place at Back East Brewery, a great space which had,  at the time,  just expanded and provided enough space for the 50 or so attendees to nosh and sip without feeling clustered together.

Breads & Brews
Photo courtesy of CTNow

Mark and I see  arrived just as the event started. We were provided tasting glasses and then bellied up to the bar to get our first taste of what would be many that evening. Back East beers provided the perfect libation to wet our whistles and helped wash down the devious breads and BBQ provided by Hartford Baking Company and Nathan Hayden BBQ respectively.

Pretty soon the food was ready to be served and as we stood in line one of us would head up to the bar while the other held our place.  It was a great system if I do say so myself and allowed us to casually sample all the offerings on tap. 

For the food, we were able to sample some amazing piled high pulled pork and some amazing  beer infused pretzel bites with this rich and sinfully delicious beer cheese sauce to dip it in. I definitely went up for seconds (and possibly thirds). I couldn’t help myself, beer and cheer and bread is my favorite combination.

It was also great to meet and speak with the founders of both Back East Brewing and Hartford Baking Company. In this relaxed and casual setting it was a great opportunity profess my Fandom at these two great Connecticut businesses who came together for a great collaboration.

Bread & Brews
Photo courtesy of CTNow

That being said I was super excited when I heard rumblings of another collaboration between Hartford Baking Company and Back East Brewing to take place in late winter. 

Happily, and there was truth to this rumor and I have recently learned that Breads & Brews II will be a reality on March 9, 2016.

Breads & Brews II

Hartford Baking Company - Breads and Brews Flyer

Tickets are on sale NOW at the Hartford Baking Company and Back East Brewing Company for 3 hours of food and unlimited beers sampling – Back East is debuting a new beer which will be announced shortly!

The Hartford Baking Company will provide:

Braised beef top round marinated in red wine and vinegar with bay leaf,
clove and peppercorn. Served with a onion in its braising juices.

German style meatballs of lamb and pork. Served with gravy.

Cheddar Ale Soup
Toasted Ginger Snap Crumble (Pastry)

Braised Cabbage
With red onion, apple and german mustard.

German Potato Salad
With Vinegar, crispy bacon and dill

And in case you can’t attend this event – don’t worry at the end of the month Hartford Baking is teaming up with Black Hog Brewing for an epic event – Beer,  Bread and (just the) Head. 

HBC and Black Hog Collaberation

I have had a look at the menu and it looks delectable.  Check out the link above for more details. This is one event I won’t be missing.!

Tickets are going to be going on sale soon so I would keep an eye (HA) on this event – I am sure tickets will be going FAST…




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