Winning Wednesday – Breads and Brews II

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

If you are in the Northeast the weather is supposed to be absolutely glorious today – I considered playing hooky but thought better of it.

Adulthood, can be tough sometime.

The warmer weather did help get me out of bed and drive to the track before work this morning.  Knowing I was not going to freeze my tush  made those repeats a little easier to get through.

Breads and Brews II

I am super excited that tonight I am going to go to Breads and Brews II.  If you remember my recap of the first event a couple of weeks ago (click here for the link) you learned a couple of things:

  • My love of things local (especially local businesses);
  • My love of beer; AND
  • My love of bread

Those things will be converge into a wonderfully winning trifecta tonight at Bread and Brews II AND also in a couple of weeks at Beer, Bread, and (just the) Head, hosted by Black Hog Brewery.  I believe that tickets for this event are still available but check out the like to be sure.

Scott K Serving Beer Cheese
I can only hope that this beer cheese sauce will be served tonight!
Hartford Baking Company - Scott K
Close Up of the Glorious Beer Cheese Sauce

At both events, The Hartford Baking Company (whom I have shared my love for multiple times on this blog and throughout social media) will be providing some of the best, in my opinion, breads around to go along with the brews being served.

That being said – I just want to give a quick  shout out to The Hartford Baking Company – which if you have not heard, announced this week that they will be opening up a second location at 965 Farmington Avenue in  West Hartford.  The new location plans to open in May 2016 and (here is the best part) in addition to offering small plates, the new location will open late on the weekends and serve brunch (with mimosas)!

I know that Scott Kluger, owner of The Hartford Baking Company, will continue to utilize the family recipes he used when he started selling his, from scratch, artisanal breads at local farmer’s markets 5 years ago.  I can’t wait to see the new and expanded menu (and hopefully bread selection) that will be offered at the new location.

Brioche Pretzel

Stay tuned – you know I will be there!

So congrats to The Hartford Baking Company, and congrats to all of us getting to the middle of the week – only 2 more days until the weekend (and my first race – stay tuned!)



  1. Mark Ciccio

    Breads and Brews II did not disappoint, it was awesome!!! Great food by Hartford Baking Company and awesome beer by Back East! Love the porter!!!


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