Campfire Cuban Sandwiches

Two Fridays ago – the keywords of the afternoon was Camping and Cuban Sandwiches.

Cuban Sandwiches
Working up an appetite for Lunch!

Mark and I love to camp, especially at Salt Rock Campground, and although we can’t do it as often as we would like, when we go we make the most of it.   Two weeks ago we hosted about 25 friends, but we had a nice bit of time beforehand on Friday to relax before the masses showed up. In preparing Friday’s lunch menu, and looking to mix it up a bit, looking to prepare something besides “burgers and dogs”.   I suggested foil wrapped Ham and Swiss Cheese sandwiches, which I thought would be a great campfire food option.

As we set to prepare the sandwiches, Mark suggested adding some pickles to the mix.  As a self-proclaimed pickle lover, how could I say no.

As soon as the pickles were added, what were once Ham and Cheese Sandwiches instantly became Cuban Sandwiches before our eyes.  Wrapped and nestled in the coals, still hot from breakfast, we each had a toasty, gooey and delicious sandwich in about 20 minutes.  Rounding out the meal were a couple of side salads I picked up at the grocery store and some fresh fruit, but the stars of lunch were those Cuban Sandwiches.

Easy to make and delicious to eat – I think these are going to become part of our regular camping menu rotation.

Campfire Cuban Sandwiches






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