Road Tested Review – Freesteps6

Road-Tested Review – Freesteps6

I strongly dislike the treadmill, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

I try like heck to stay off it because (to me) the treadmill is boring, hot, and I feel like I am on a hamster wheel. So – that means I run in all types of weather – from the hottest days to those bone chilling five layer run days.

That also means that during the winter there are always several runs that take place in less than ideal conditions.

You know what I am talking about – as a self-proclaimed “winter warrior”, I have run in the middle of snow and ice storms as well as the aftermath of them. And as any outdoor runner can attest to – the roadways during AND after snow and ice storms are precarious at best.

CT Winter Warrior Challenge

Until recently I headed out with with the proper gear to keep me warm BUT NOT the proper gear to ensure I would remain upright.  Looking back – it’s a wonder that I have not taken more tumbles or spills.  Mark was always worried when I headed out in less than favorable conditions (which to be honest in New England changes daily) but I never was able to find an anti-slip product to attach to my shoes. Most of the ones that I “road tested” were ill-fitting, heavy and clunky when worn.

So – when Hillsound Equipment reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their Freesteps6 – I was intrigued but unsure as if they would really be a product that would work for me.

And so – I had a pair delivered, although at the time I was not running AND the weather was very mild.  However, as the weeks wore on the weather got colder and my running returned.

Luckily I had the opportunity to start trying them during the later part of December when it snowed AND then the temperature proceeded to stay so low that whatever snow had fell was not going any where.

Admittedly putting the Freesteps6 on the first time was a bit of a learning curve for me (honestly I tried to put them on backwards at first) but once I got them on and adjusted I could not believe how lightweight they were.

The true test was on the roadways and as I headed out I felt more stable then I had during winter runs past.   The Freesteps6 were durable and ultra-light but provided me with a lot of traction.  The stainless steel chains and spikes that make up the Freesteps6 were positioned in just the right areas to give me the right amount of grip.

I never felt clunky while running  – which I tested during and after a snow storm.  I almost forgot that I was even wearing them.

Mark is even a big fan of the Freesteps6 because now he has a little more piece of mind that I won’t “bite it” during my run.

I am so happy that I now own a pair of the Freesteps6 because they will help me limit any time I have to put on the treadmill!

Disclaimer – Thank you to Hillsound Equipment for providing me with a pair of Freesteps6 for my use and review.  All opinions (and mile) are my own.

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