12 Weeks – (Somewhat) Back In The (Running) Saddle

12 Week Update

Last week was 12 weeks/84 days/2016 hours (but who’s counting) since the last time I went out for any type of run.

Last week was also my 3rd post op appointment with Dr. Kuhn.  It’s an appointment I had been waiting (as patiently as I could) for 3 months.

See – I thought I was going to “beat” the recovery time required to heal from the left hip labral surgery that I had in August, but Dr. Kuhn had outlined a timeline when I first saw him, and by god he stuck by it.  As he said (and has said from the beginning) this is a process that you don’t want to rush – you don’t want to have to go through this again (and believe me I don’t).

Over the past 3 months I have been passed and celebrated various milestones  -“clearance” to start PT (which I did faithfully everyday, even at home) , “clearance” use the stationary bike, “clearance” to start various forms of squatting, BUT any activity that had to do with running or activities where running “might” be involved was always off limits.

For weeks everything felt good but I knew (and was told countless times by Mark and at every doctor’s appointment) that the real healing was going on inside and jumping the gun was just not worth it. 

SO for the last 2 months I have been the sad running on the bike, sad runner on the elliptical, sad runner doing PT exercises – BUT in the back (sometimes really far back) of my mind I kept telling myself that one day it would be worth it.

At my last pre-op appointment (about 5 weeks ago) I was given clearance to start “slowly” start squatting and begin to re-strengthen my glutes.  Let me tell you – as much as tried to keep up my cardiovascular fitness during my recovery, I could not believe believe how much glute strength I have lost.  I’m not going to lie it’s been a little disconcerting but day in and day out I headed to the gym again knowing that if I keep at it my strength will improve.

SO – I headed to the appointment last week with hope in my heart BUT not too much as I had thought at my last appointment I would get the thumbs up, only to get a thumbs down.  

I won’t bore you with the details But guys I WAS GIVEN CLEARANCE TO START RUNNING!!!!!!

The discussion then turned to  – how much running could I start with?  Luckily Mark and I had a long discussion about it the night prior to my appointment as we both thought that Dr. Kuhn might tell me that I could start running again.   The outcome of the conversation that Dr. Kuhn was in full agreement with was that I am not going to run everyday to start – that would be stupid – but along with my coach (Hi James) it’s been decided that I will also be walk/running to start.

However – if I am to be truly honest the first night I just went out and ran.  And you know what – it was glorious, exhilarating and tiring. My legs remembered what to do! AND – No Pain. No Burning. No Soreness.  Running alone in the dark I shed a couple of tears as I moved silently through the neighborhood.

Now it was not fast by any stretch of the imagination but just getting back out there and slogging along for 20 minutes was an accomplishment.

It was not until the next day (and even the day after that) I felt like I had run a marathon.  I felt sore all over – muscles that I had not utilized in several months were now being called back into action and they were not happy.  This is part of the process – some days I am going to feel great, some days not so much. The soreness though is different then what I felt when my labrum was torn.  

A week later I have a couple of runs under my belt – I am still taking it slow (not so much my doing as my cardio fitness) as I work to increase time on feet more so than speed. 


So onward and upward we go – I am excited for what the future holds.


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    Congratulations on being back in action!


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