Crutch Life – 3 Weeks Post-Op

Crutch Life – 3 Weeks Post-Op

First – let me say that for all the medical technological advantages there are in the world that the best thing that they could come up to remain non-weight bearing are crutches.  Frick and Frack (as I have come to call them) have become almost like a second appendage but I am hoping (fingers crossed) that next week I will be able to rid myself of them as I see the surgeon on Wednesday for my 2nd hip labrum repair post-op appointment.

Hip Labrum Repair

However, until then I am diligently using them and become pretty adept at moving and maneuvering to get through my day.

The upside is that my arms have become a bit more defined the downside is that the muscle definition in my left leg has become almost non-existent.  The right leg is a different story – being that when ever I want to stand up I have to go all “Karate Kid” “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” on one leg.  It certainly has built up my muscle strength in my right leg, but it is tiring.

For example – last weekend our town had a “Dog Open Swim Day” at our community pool.   We headed down with Harley for some socialization and to see how he would fare in the water.  Picture if you will an open (fenced in area) with many, many dogs running, playing and swimming.  It was great and I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part – there were no “fights” as can be common at the local dog parks. 

We had a great time and Harley loved the water – with his stout legs and body – he can get over heated quickly BUT being able to get into and out of the water repeatedly , he cooled off quickly and his stamina lasted longer than both Mark and I expected.


I was the official photographer which was great but after a while of “hanging out” I needed to sit down (a production in itself).  Little did I know that I was in a prime travel path for a lot of wet and dirty dogs.  I sat and “took it” for a while as it would have been harder to get up and move the a “safer area.

In other news – I am also back to driving, although just to and work for now. AND in more exciting news – I had my first week of physical therapy appointment – WOOT.  Granted I just worked on range of motion (ROM) BUT the therapist said that my ROM was better than most and was surprised that I was not guarded or more tight in the hip area.  Guess my pre-hab work, worked!  AND the best part – I spent a gentle 15 minutes on the stationary bike. 

Granted I did not go beyond 90 degrees but just to get some movement and exercise was great.  I know I have mentioned before that pre-repair I felt like the “sad runner” when I was on the bike BUT now I feel like the “runner getting back in the saddle” so to speak.  It was not fast and there was no resistance, it was just nice to get the blood flowing.Hip Labrum Repair - 3 weeks post op

I wanted to do so much more (those exercise balls and band were calling my name, BUT until I see the surgeon, that is all that I am allowed to do.  The good (and bad) thing about going to a therapist that has treated me for several years is that the know I will push boundries unless told otherwise.  Trying to be a good patient is hard, especially on those days when I “feel normal”.  

I know that this is just one of many steps to come but a step forward is better than no step at all!

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    Feel better Anne! I strained my labrum and although did not need surgery had fun PT for weeks. Its a bummer but you will recover quick!


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