HMF Shamrock Duathlon & 3.3 Mile Run

Good afternoon…

After running Ragnar Cape Cod last weekend, this has been a week of catching up on sleep and getting my legs back on track as I am currently training for BOTH the Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon AND the Via Marathon.

My quality workout this week went well (a series of repeats 6×2 minute repeats with 1 minute recovery between) as did my easy runs but since I had signed up to run the Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) Shamrock Duathlon & 3.3 mile run, I was unsure as to how my coach would want me to approach this race.

After coming off last weekend when I ran 36 miles – it was decided that I would sandwich the race between a 3 mile warm up and 3 mile cool down.

Not a problem until I received my final race instructions and realized that the race began at 7:30am – UGH.  No sleeping in on Sunday for this gal.

So, after not going to bed as early as I should have – I was up at 5:00AM, headed to Old Wethersfield to knock out 3 miles and then to Glastonbury High School.

The plan was to run my Vdot pace (about an 8:21) and then if my legs felt good, increase the pace with each mile.

No problem BUT when I got to the start (after my warm up and pre-requisite bathroom stop) my legs felt really good SO I did what any good runner does when they have a plan that they are supposed to follow – I broke it.

I actually felt “slow” compared to some of the other runners/bikers – some of super speedy.  However, I got into a comfortable grove and when I reached mile 1, I checked my watch and realized I clocked a 7:40 – WOOT!

I love this race because not only is it close to home but it also runs through some nice (and not super hilly) residential areas in Glastonbury.  Also – compared to last year when the temperature was sunny and 66 degrees, it was cloudy and about 52 degrees.

Picking up the pace I charged on – forgoing the water stations – making a beeline for the finish.  I pinpointed and attempted to catch a young runner – but that was a lost cause.  (Edited to add – he did not even look winded at the finish)

Powering through I crossed the finish with a time of 24:01 – an almost 25 second improvement!

HMF Shamrock Duathlon - Age Group Winners

AND the best part – 10th overall and 3rd overall female!

I headed out to run an additional 3 miles but headed back to pick up my medal.

Shamrock Duathlon - Medal Madness

After the obligatory photo (because if you did not take a picture of it, it did not happen)

I grabbed some Trimino Water.  Seriously – this stuff is awesome, it’s the second time I have had it at a HMF race this spring and again it hit the spot.  It appears that they are a locally based company that is now being sold in Stop & Shop as wekk as Big Y – I am going to have to stock up on these bad boys as my training intensifies.  It provided me with some additional hydration and protein to help with my recovery.

Shamrock Duathlon and 3.3 mile run - Trimino Water

All in all I was done by 9:00AM – a time when probably most were not even up on a Sunday Morning 🙂

So – what do I take away from this race

  • I continue to have respect for those multisport athletes.  I watched some of them before heading home and they speed at which some of them run, bike AND transition is amazing.  I continue to be good in ONE sport but these athletes take it to a new level.

Shamrock Duathlon and 3.3 mile run - Bike Transition

  • A 3.3 mile race is a rare distance and I liked it.  I ran the Shamrock Duathlon & 3.3 mile run last year, and it’s great to run on a course where you pretty much know where the next hill would be.
  • The post-race party was great – I was able to pick up some great swag (Trimino Water!!!) while I waited for the awards ceremony.
  • I loved that I was able to run this race as part of a larger run – I felt accomplished by 9:00AM.  That does not happen often.
  • I think I fueled properly the night before and the morning of the race – again I had salmon, brussel sprouts and couscous last night and some simple carbs this morning.  I did not feel overly full or weak.
  • As much as I complained (in my head) about the early start – I prefer it.  Again being able to knock out 9.3 miles before 10:00AM is great
  • The Shamrock Duathlon & 3.3 mile run (although a short one) has improved my confidence for Amica, which is in two weeks.  I have not admitted to anyone (not even the running Czar) but I am nervous about this race as it is the “real” one I am currently training for.  My time was better than last year and I felt stronger  – for that I thank my training.
  • Top 10 finish and 2nd Female overall – although there were only 100 runners I will take it!


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    You are killing’ it lady! Do you have a recommendation for shoes (Can you send me and Insta DM, I need a new pair desperately… I think that’s my problem with running, not that I’m probably out of shape! LOL)
    xx, Lauren {}


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