Lehigh Marathon Training – Week Ending July 16, 2016

Another week of training for the Lehigh Marathon on September 11th is in the books!  Here’s how it went down:

Lehigh Marathon Training – Week Ending July 16, 2016

Lehigh July 16Sunday – 2 hour run (13 miles total)

  • So I was extremely nervous about this run.  The day before I volunteered to set up a MDA event my firm was sponsoring and ended up spending about 8 hours there.  After some less than stellar “long” runs in this cycle – I have not been going into these runs confidently.  But I woke up – got ready and headed out – with the knowledge that Mark was making me some protein pancakes and an epic fruit salad upon my return.  And you know what – the run was hot and sweaty and long but I got it done and it was not as bad as prior weeks.  Could it have been my play list (I changed from EDM to mellow music), the fact that I fueled better the night before – maybe – but what ever it was I am going to keep doing it until SEptember 11th! (PS – the breakfast was totally worth it. So, Mark I guess you are going to be my post run sous chef until Lehigh :))Lehigh Marathon

Monday – Rest Day

  • Yeah!  I got to sleep in while Mark went to the gym – I love that! After workI headed to physical therapy.  I explained that my foot has been more sore and that I have had to revert back to sneakers –  which is not a cute look! So I got dry needled!  I have had it before with great results BUT today – jury is out.  I left more sore then I have ever been.  Hopefully tomorrow my leg will loosen up.

Tuesday – Easy

  • This was truly a lovely run – my left calf was still a bit sore and stiff but after about a 1/2 mile it loosened up.  This was one of those runs that felt like I was running in October and not the middle of July.  I will take it as it looks like the weather is going to get nasty (meaning hot and humid) for the next couple of days.

Wednesday (Track Day) – 2mi warm up; 6x1000m (7:49)(2min rest); 6x300m(7:09)(100m rest); 1mi cooldown

  • The roofers working on the Wethersfield High School roof had the same idea as me this morning – get out and get it done before the sun rises.  The temperature was completely different this morning.  Cool and comfortable temperature were replaced with humidity.  I usually do mileage math in my head to see how many miles I am “supposed” to be doing before I hit the track but I must have miscalculated as I “thought” I was only running 7miles when it turned out to be 9!  Such is marathon training.  My  New Balance races are feeling better – especially when I stopped focusing on my shoes and got my head into the workout.  My splits for the 1000s and 300s were solid in my book.  I had to take Mark to work – so I did not cool down like I should have.  Oof – I felt that for the rest of the day.Lehigh Marathon

Thursday (Double Run) 54 minutes in the am and 36 minutes in the pm

  • Last night was one of the few times I did not check the weather obsessively before I went to bed, so I was super surprised when it started to downpour just before I left the house.  Now I don’t mind running in the rain – I just don’t like starting a run during a downpour.  So, I waited until it let up a bit.  Holy soupy running weather!  In fact, the only saving grace was that during my run it started to downpour and actually cooled me off – other than that it was  slog and sweat fest BUT I felt comfortable during the run so that was a win.
  • The weather in the afternoon was just as nasty BUT I avoided the rain this time.  As someone whom has abhorred after work runs – I am starting to embrace them.  Its a great way to get more miles in without having to get up before 5AM

Friday – 63 minutes

  • I think my body is getting used to the short Thursday to Friday turnaround time.  The weather remained the same but my legs were ready to go – I even got a text from my coach that I need to slow it down and give my legs time to recover.  Duly noted!

Saturday (Quality Session) – 25 min warm up; 6×1 mile (marathon pace)- 90 sec recovery; 25 min cooldown

  • As I have written in previous posts I feel more “comfortable” running my quality miles on the track.  BUT since the Lehigh Marathon will not take place on the track, I have made it a mission to get out on the roads more my quality workouts.  I headed to Old Wethersfield early to get my miles in before the sun started to beat down.  After a very slow warm up (a 10 minute mile) – I was off!
  • My mantra for this workout was “One more mile” and “Be in the workout” – to make sure I did not get inside my own head.  After the first mile where I had to shake some nerves out of me, I hit and exceeded my paces (8:20; 8:14; 8:15; 7:52; 7:50; 7:57)!  Fist pumps occurred after the last rep and I rewarded myself with iced tea Comstock Faire Marketplace.

Lehigh Marathon Training


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    I too am a big fan of pancakes on the heels my longer weekend runs! I think “one more mile” is a great mantra. I’ll definitely be borrowing it tomorrow morning 🙂

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    I don’t know how you find the will to get out there and run in this weather! Great mantras to push yourself through. ONE MORE MILE!


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