Lehigh Marathon Training – Week Ending July 9, 2016

I can’t believe that I am about 63 (EEK!) days from the Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathon that I will be racing on September 11th.  I have been in “marathon training mode” for the Lehigh Marathon for weeks, but as we are getting closer, I wanted to start documenting my weekly training progress – both the good and the bad runs.

Training for the Lehigh Marathon is interesting for several reasons – 1) I am running a marathon in September (my prior 3 were in November); 2) My workouts have been challenging even though my overall mileage has not increased “that” much; and 3) My easy runs are based more on time than mileage.

Don’t get me wrong – marathon training is no joke – but as it stands now I have really “enjoyed” how my training has been programed.  So without further ado –

Lehigh Marathon Training – Week Ending July 9, 2016

Lehigh 4

Monday – Off Day

  • I really, really love off days that coincide with days off from work.  I got to sleep in (meaning past 8am!) and spend a relaxing day with Mark.
Tuesday – 55 minutes, easy
  • Per my schedule my plan was to run for 50 minutes but I ran a loop that totaled 6 miles so – the time increased to.  Not to hard to get up but once I got out there is was humid, muggy and dizzily.  Yuck!  Time on feet felt good, even if I was a sweaty mess at the end.  Ended with a bit of strength and of course some Nuun!


Wednesday – Track Day (2 miles easy; 5×3 minutes @7:12); rest 3 minutes; 5×1 minute@6:49; 1 mile easy)
  • The sun was just rising as I hit the track and it was steamy.  Warm up in trainers and then I switched to my “new” marathon New Balances.  After this past Saturday’s run – I was not sure if these would be the shoes for me BUT after getting into a groove I felt more comfortable in them.  Good workout – happy with paces and I finished not feeling overly spent but challenged.
Thursday – AM (50 minutes)and PM (36 minutes) run
  • I am not an afternoon runner BUT I have appreciated these runs on the schedule because it helps break up the mileage.  I remember while training for the New York City Marathon, I was running 10 miles a day (before work!) for most of my week.  It got old fast!  These afternoon runs have helped me decompress, I just wish the weather would cooperate.  It was still hot and muggy after work but the saving grace was that a cold front moved through at the end of my run – a cooling relief!
Friday – 60 minutes
  • The running Czar had enough and we finally turned on the AC last night – what a difference a good night’s sleep makes BUT it also means I was in full REM when my alarm went off AND I really don’t know what the temperature “feels like” until I get out the door.  Holy soup Batman – 90% humidity at 5:30AM. YUCK!  I sweated through my shirt and then some.  I also came to the realization that cotton headbands DO NOT soak up sweat.  I ended my day with my weekly trip to physical therapy.  My left foot has been getting a bit sorer (I think due to wearing flip flops) – so this really helped.  I also realized that my flip flops are going to have to go to the back of the closet again 🙁

Lehigh July 1

Saturday – Quality Miles (2 miles easy; 5x20sec striders (20 sec recovery); 25 minutes x 7:49; 5x200m; 2m cool down
  • Wow – a cold front must have moved through last night because the temperature was completely different this morning.  Used the racers again for the quality portion of the workout – shoes felt “ok” but my right foot felt “off”.  It’s hard to explain but I felt that my foot was rolling outward.  Not sure if it is the shoes or a muscle imbalance or both.  However my pace ended up being 7:40 – so pleased with that.  Surprisingly the track was busy this morning BUT I was done before the masses showed up.  I do love being the only one on the track, especially because I can “yell” at myself to focus and not get any strange looks (except from maybe the birds but I am ok with that!)

Lehigh Marathon July 2

So that’s it for this week – Sunday starts the week with a 2 hour run – let’s hope the rain hold out.


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    No flip flops!!! I learned that from a terrible case of plantar fasciitis. (Keen sandals at least give you arch support!) You are a beast–great job with your training!

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    Britney is some good work out music! I couldn’t even imagine running in 90% humidity!


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