Lehigh Valley Marathon Training – Week Ending July 24, 2016

Hard to believe that it’s almost August AND it’s less than 50 days until the Lehigh Valley Marathon on September 11th.

Here’s how my week went down:

Lehigh Valley Marathon Training – Week Ending July 23, 2015

Lehigh Marathon Training


  • I have been running my long runs on Sundays for the past couple of weeks, but pair hosting a party the night before and preparing for it the week before meant that sleeping in was necessary and needed.  But don’t worry  – Protein pancakes still made an appearance.

Monday (100 minutes)

  • A rest day on Sunday meant…..long run today…before work.  Up at 4:30am to get out and back before work meant I got to see a gorgeous sunrise.  As with last week – I changed up my playlist.  My usual techno was replaced with some good tunes to belt out to no one in particular.

Tuesday (60 minutes)

  • Nothing to report.  Another day another run.  The afternoon’s highlight was picking up this week’s CSA.  The box of fruits and vegetables (which I forgot to take a picture of )  make for a great salad for dinner and lunch the next day

Wednesday (2 mi warm up; 4×10 minutes @ threshold pace; 2 minute rest; 1.5 mi cooldown)Lehigh Training (2)

  • Wow – a cool front moved through last night so it was a perfect morning for a track workout.  It was great that this workout was on the schedule for me today.  I admit that it was a bit cool when I arrived, so I “might” have had to wear a jacket to warm up.  I can’t remember the last time I wore a jacket to the track in July.
  • BUT once it was warmed up, I got into the workout, focused and banged out some impressive paces.  The only downside – I forgot to turn the 1 mile Autolap off.  I felt strong and in control during this workout, a great feeling.
  • I also tried a new headphone option during my warm-up and cool down. Review coming up on the blog next week.Head wraps

Thursday – Double Run Day (60 minutes in the am and 5mile in the PM)

  • Other than not wanting to get out of bed, I got out there.  I was blessed with a gorgeous sunrise for my troubles and a sign that the afternoon was going to be hot, hot, hot.
  • That afternoon I headed to the Glastonbury Track.  Not my first choice for afternoon running in 90 degree heat BUT I had promised the daughter of a girlfriend to help increase her endurance for the upcoming soccer season, and knew the track would be our best bet.  Not sure where her endurance would be – I ended up running 3 miles before she arrived.  Then once she arrived we banged out 2 more miles.  Ahh youth – she bested me with her sprinting speed but I still have the endurance :).  I just had enough time to shower (Mark is sure getting a clean wife), scarf down some dinner, and pass out.

Friday (60 minutes)

  • Mark wanted me to “bag” the run, which I understand because I ran more than my that “the plan” said the night before, BUT 60 was on the schedule so that’s what I did.  Legs did not feel “that” fresh so I added some CEP calf compression sleeves and headed out.  They worked!
  • Mark and I prepped dinner in the evening full of fresh and “good for me” foods to get me prepared for Saturday’s quality miles.  I love this time of year – fresh vegetables (and unpictured pasta salad for the win!)Lehigh Training 4
  • I went to bed feeling good but my quads are still a little sore – guess those sprints after Wednesday’s track workout did more to me than I thought

Saturday (4 mile warm up; 3×2.5 miles at marathon pace; 0.5 mile recovery in between; 2 mile cooldown)

  • I should have known walking out the door and even when I was done with my 4 mile warm up that it was going to be a struggle and I should have adjusted my expectations BUT I have a hard time deviating from the plan and today it was to my detriment.
  • My paces were NOT bad in the least, in fact I was faster than my prescribed times (8:07; 8:04; 8:20) but going out fast in those early miles coupled with the fact that my quads were still not recovered lead me to have (in my mind) a struggle bus of a workout.  To the point that I stopped at mile 2 of my last set.  Not cool but I could not go any further – physically and mentally everything was telling me to stop.
  • In the end I did my cooldown and rewarded my effort with an iced tea and it was only then that I was able to look at myself and the salt lick that I had become.  Not good – hydration needs to be a higher priority or come race day – it is not going to be a good ending.Lehigh Training 6
  • When I finally got back to the house and had a chance to read posts from others who also were working out in this weather I realized that I was not the only one that struggled.  I then felt a bit of camaraderie that we all took the same struggle bus.

Lehigh Training 5



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