Lehigh Valley Marathon Training – Week Ending August 21, 2016

Another week down, another week closer to the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon.

I held steady at 66 miles this week.  The mileage is high and the workouts are no joke.

The cold that I was dealing with last week WAS going away but it resurfaced on Wednesday.  A quick trip to the Minute Clinic at CVS revealed a “slight” upper respiratory infection.  The prescription was a combination of Flonase, Sudafed, and Claritin.  I am a walking pharmacy BUT it has helped to clear my nose.

Another “niggle” that has resurfaced after my quality workout on Wednesday was a “touch” of tendonitis in my achilles.  Not a pain, just a soreness that was constant during my Thursday and Friday run.  Not wanting to take any chances – I was lucky to get an appointment with my physical therapist at Select Physical Therapy on Friday.  She told me that I was correct in my self-diagnosis and performed Graston on my calf to break up the adhesions and knottiness that has developed.Lehigh Marathon

It provided some relief and I was able to complete Saturday’s marathon specific workout BUT after a conversation with my coach on Saturday we decided to shut it down Sunday and possibly Monday (depending on how I feel)

So without further ado, here’s (the good and bad) of how my training week went down.

Lehigh Marathon Training – Week Ending August 13, 2016

Lehigh Marathon TrainingSunday – 7 miles easy

  • The heat and humidity is not letting go, so up and out the door at 7:30AM.  Easy peasy run and made it back home in time to watch the women’s Olympic Marathon. Over a delicious breakfast of Protein Pancakes – serious I will run all day for them – I watched in amazement of these women.  They were my motivation for the week.

Monday- 8.5 miles easy

  • Great start to the week which might have been marred by the fact that I “forgot” to start my Garmin.  Realized this about 1.5 miles into my run and remedied the situation.  Luckily my route for the run this morning was very familiar.

Tuesday- Quality Session (2m warm up; 4 x 15 minutes at 7:49; 2 min recovery; 1.25 m cooldown).

  • Another Quality Session, another early, early (4:00AM) wake up call to make sure I got my miles in before work.
  • I brushed off the “must go to the track to avoid variables” and went to Old Wethersfield to run these minutes on the road.  Not sure what to expect – I surprised myself.  In the face of 70 degree weather and humidity (such a common theme this summer) – I pulled out an 8:04; 7:58; 7:55; 7:55.
  • I might not have “hit” my paces per the workout but as my coach says – always take into account the weather conditions and make adjustments to what your expected times should be.  That being the case I had a very solid workout.Lehigh Marathon - August 20 1

Wednesday – 7.5 miles

  • So I did not stretch and ice as much as I should of yesterday and this might have been the reason why I started feeling some soreness in my left achilles this morning.  I am hopeful this is a fluke and that tomorrow the soreness will “disappear”.
  • My cold – which I though I was kicking is making a resurgence.  My PCP was not available so I headed to the Minute Clinic – no antibiotics given as I have a viral infection.  Boo!  $50 dollars later I am turning into a full fledged pharmacy.
  • Early to bed tonight.  Rest and recovery are key right now as my weekly miles is in the 60s.

Thursday – 7 miles

  • Overall run pace was a bit slower than yesterday – achilles still sore.  As we are on Day 2 – I sent a note to my coach.  In the past I might have brushed it off and kept it “secret” but I am trying to be more of a full disclosure runner.  I don’t want to have to be told to ‘shut it down’ but I will try and listen if that is what I am told.

Friday – 9 miles easy

  • Soreness remains but it is a constant soreness and never increases.  I made an appointment with my physical therapist to get some massage and Graston.
  • Coach wants me to take tomorrow off BUT I have plans on Sunday that will not allow me to complete the workout.  We discussed and he agreed that I go to physical therapy and have the area taped up.  I have agreed to run with caution and if I have any problems to stop the workout immediately.Lehigh Marathon - August 20 3Lehigh Marathon - Lehigh Marathon 4

Saturday – Marathon Session (3m warm up; 7 x 1 m at 8:20 w/ 1 m recovery;  2m cooldown)

  • This morning was a zen-like run.  I warmed up for an extra mile and then with a quick blow of my nose ( another common theme this week) I headed out.
  • The taping job that Mark did last night was good but there was still some soreness but nothing to stop me.
  • Paces hit (8:13; 8:07; 8:05; 8:06; 7:55; 8:06; 8:18)
  • Of note – I will have to work on getting my gels out of my pocket and opening them.  A bit of a struggle today.  At least I a couple of weeks to work on getting my timing down.
  • I also had a great conversation with my coach this afternoon – he put things into perspective for me.  The small window of recovery that I have between quality sessions paired with the weather – I am really kicking butt!Lehigh Marathon - August 20 5 Lehigh Marathon - August 20

So that’s how the week went – 3 weeks to go until the Lehigh Valley Marathon!

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