State of Running – May Edition (Listening)

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Wow – I can’t believe it’s already May and you know what that means – another “State of Running” post.

If you have been following along – April has been filled with  Races and Places as well a keeping up with my strength and running workouts.

Just because I am "back running" does not mean strength training will stop.
Just because I am “back running” does not mean strength training will stop.

Yesterday – I ran the Mighty Cow Challenge (a 5k followed by a half marathon) as part of the Redding Road Race.  So it was not even 10:00AM and I had already clocked in 16.2miles for the week.

Quite an accomplishment but even more so because I actually LISTENED and executed the plan that my coach and I decided upon.

I initially signed up for the Mighty Cow Challenge when I was on the DL (because of course runners who can’t run, sign up for races).

In mid-February I gradually returned to running, slowly upping my distance and time on feet.  I am currently training for the Iron Horse half marathon on June 5th but to date my long runs have maxed out between 9-10miles, which is fine BUT not when you have a 16.2mile race on the books.

So – in speaking with my coach – I got a thumbs-up to run the race, emphasis on RUN.

That’s right I needed to literally reign it in, run in my trainers and NOT go faster than my easy run pace.

CRAP – I mean when I sign up for races that is generally what I have done, RACE them – to my benefit or detriment.

However, I thought back to the CT Fastrak 15k where I ran without any agenda.  It was tiring but I felt great before, during, and after the race.

Fastrack 15k - selfie

I also remembered that I have put my legs and progress in someone whom knows a lot more about running then me.  By NOT listening, where would it get me – possibly a fast time, but also potential injury and disappointment, two things I know about very well.


And besides – I have fall marathon goals and if I did not listen to my coach now I know it might turn into a slippery slope down the line.

Yes – I have to place trust in my coach and listen to him but he also has to have faith that I will trust his knowledge by listening to him even when I think he is crazy.  It’s just about 16 weeks until my marathon, so it would be stupid to have those building blocks of trust come crashing down due to my ego.

So – what does this mean.

Well, like yesterday, I have to put my ego aside and do the work, even if I don’t like it.


And you know what – I had a great, cold, and solid race.  My pace was on target for what we discussed and even after 16.2 miles I felt strong and not exhausted (although my legs felt otherwise after the long drive home).


So, although I did not “race”, by listening, really listening, I was still able to build upon the work I have done over the past several weeks by continuing to build up and strengthen my legs.

Onward and upward!


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    Go you!! Nice job! I need to get better about listening. I have a bad habit of jumping in with 2 feet…and injuring myself. Hence why I am walking the Color Run on Saturday instead of running it. You’re doing great!

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    Very impressive and inspiring! What an interesting distance – the 5k + the half. I haven’t seen many local races that combine the two!


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