Marine Corps Marathon Training – It’s Marathon Month!!!

Ok – now it feels like fall!

After a humid 2 days this week – we finally had some cooler weather in Connecticut this past week- Yeah!  

However that also meant a very chilly Saturday morning long run where I was “ forced” to don a light long sleeve shirt and capris.  Nothing too crazy as 

In terms of my body – I am still working through some IT Band tightness and hamstring discomfort but making a conscious effort to get whatever treatment I can up through race day.

In terms of fun – Mark and I took our once-yearly trip to Red Lobster for All You Can Eat Shrimp.  I failed to take any pictures as I was shoveling ALL THE SHRIMP into my mouth.  This meal was definitely not the healthiest BUT since we only go once a year (and realize when we are done eating why we only go once a year) it’s totally worth it.  AND the “crappy” run that I expected the next morning did not really happen so is the secret to a healthy GI tract copious amounts of fried shrimp…maybe.

Mark and I also participated in the 40th Annual Apple Harvest 5k with some long-time friends of ours. It was a fun “race” that I ran in my trainers (since I have no “chill”) and a great way to check another town in Connecticut I’ve run in off my list.

Apple Harvest 5k Pre-Race Photo

Other than that – I am keeping my fingers crossed that this second infusion of Entivyo will start kicking this flare out of my body.  In the meantime – I am “cutting” more things from my diet in an attempt to calm everything down. This week – the majority of vegetables (except for celery and peeled/deseeded cucumbers), palm oil – in my Justin’s peanut butter :(, crystal light drops, and the flavor packets in my rice and couscous have taken the hit.  My new food mantra is “if it’s not white, it’s not right (for my stomach). Stay tuned.

And now without further ado…

Marine Corps Marathon Training Log – Week Ending 10/6/19

Monday – (7 miles easy) 

Tuesday – (8 miles easy) So humid outside but I got to see a gorgeous sunrise so it was not all bad.

Wednesday – (3mile WU; 15x1m @ 7:03; CD)  Pretty pleased at how this workout went as I hit almost all of my paces.   

Shorts in October

Thursday – (8miles easy) After my massage last night I was sore and did not think that he really “found” all the niggles (despite my prompting).  However, the run did not go so bad and I actually enjoyed the misty conditions.

Friday – (8 miles easy) -First long sleeve shirt run of the fall!  Another cloudy and completely dark run. I was up at 4:30am because I had a 7am PT appointment.  I was stretched, grastoned and stimulated so I am hoping that my “treatment” would do the trick.

PT for the win!

Saturday – (3m WU; 10m Marathon pace;2m CD) – I was dreading this workout all week. BUT I put on my Big Girl pants, layered up, and headed to Sperry Park in Avon.  It was 33 degrees at the start of the workout but after my warm-up I quickly shed some layers. At the 5 mile turn around I snuck a look at my watch and saw a pace of 7:50 (definitely NOT something I will be doing on race day)!  WOOT! I made it back to the car, energized both from the workout and the fact that I experienced no GI distress AT ALL! Maybe running faster is tricking my GI tract to keep it together – something I will have to remember on race day – even when it gets tough.  

Sunday – (5 miles easy; Apple Harvest 5k easy)  – I got some early morning miles in before Mark and I headed to the Apple Harvest 5k in Southington. I ran with my friend’s daughter in her first race and had a lot of fun. She did great, and her mom texted me later that she had a great time, which made me so happy!  I stretched a rolled a lot last night and dare I say my right side is feeling better?

What I’m Loving/Fascinated With This Week –

Newsworthy Article

When the news broke earlier this week about Alberto Salazar being banned for 4 years you can only imagine that I, along with many other runners, did a deep dive.  I echo what track star Jenny Simpson said – he’s a cheater and cheater’s should not be allowed to compete/participate.  

Here’s the article that took an in-depth look at the investigation that led to the ban.

Quality Quotes

I’m a little slow and am still reading 26 Marathons by Meb Keflezighi but here are a couple of reflections that stood out to me –

It’s better to be 90% ready and make it to the start line than to panic and become either overtrained or unable to start the race.

Don’t push to hard or rush things to make up for lost time.

There’s something to be said for being the sort of person who adapts or absorbs adversity, shows up as planned, and does the best that’s possible on that day.

Onward (and 20 days until the Marine Corp Marathon) to go!



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