Marine Corps Marathon Training Log -One Month To Go

2nd Entivyo Infustion – Let’s do this!

Ummmm – I swear that the first day of fall was this past Monday but judging from the temps when I woke up (HELLO mid-60s) the weather felt more like late June. Let’s hope that mother nature gets her act together on October 27th for the Marine Corps Marathon

As I mentioned last week, I was in a bit of a funk. The mind of a runner can get to some dark places (and not only during a race) & mine did just that last weekend.  It’s not just my UC not cooperating BUT I have been dealing with some right-sided running-related “niggles”.

From a tight piriformis, some off & on shin splints to IT & hamstring issues – I feel like a hot mess.  Luckily this is not my first rodeo, so I made appointments with my trusty massage therapist, chiropractor, AND my orthopedist.  The orthopedic appointment was just a safety measure to make sure my self-diagnosis was accurate, & give me with a referral physical therapy for some additional massage, electrical stimulation and what not (gotta love health insurance).

The massage was long overdue and well worth it.  I swear I’m lucky to have Family Massage Therapy on speed dial.  Richard Testa has many years of experience, and works with a lot of area runners – I definitely recommend him if you are looking for a good sports massage. He was able to work on my “hot” spots and give me some stretches to do at home.

Mid Week Massage

I finally got up the “courage” to tell coach on Thursday -as I had a quality workout scheduled for Friday. His advice (as I knew he would) was to literally “shut it down” and let my body have a bit of rest. Honestly, I know it’s for the best – no need to have the niggle turn into a full-blown injury (as I have experienced in the past- but I hate that it’s less than one month until the Marine Corps Marathon for something like this to pop up.

So – I am freaking out a bit (as one does) about my fitness. Thankfully – Coach reassured me that I am not going to lose any fitness and at this point, it’s about making healthy decisions than getting in “all the miles.”

I also went to see my orthopedic at Orthopedic Associates of Middletown on Friday, and he confirmed my self-diagnosis. He gave me a PT referral (YES) and some topical NSAID cream as my UC makes it impossible to take anything oral without causing me problems. He also said to “shut it down for a week”, which as you can tell my reading below I did not. Running was shut down for 48 hours, but I headed out on Sunday morning for some easy miles to see how I felt.

And lastly – I had my second infusion (also on Friday – a really busy day). It was a pretty uneventful appointment, although I did feel a bit tired and achy over the weekend.

That’s not to say that I did not have some fun this weekend as Mark and I went with my co-worker and friend Meghan and her boyfriend Will to Links At the Yard. It helped confirm that I will never be on the LPGA but it was fun none the less.

So with less than 30 days to go – here’s how the workouts shook out.

Marine Corps Marathon Training Log – Week Ending 9/29/19

Monday – (7.79miles easy)

Tuesday – (7.53 easy) SO I was scheduled for hill work today but the workout was scratched as it would have definitely made my hamstring angry!

Wednesday – (8 miles easy)

Thursday – (5miles) This run (even with the cool morning temps) felt so clunky and it was then that I made the decision to let Coach know what was going on. The decision was to “shut it down” and let my body rest – no need turning a niggle into a full-blown injury. Needless to say – I turned into a very sad runner that evening (Sorry Mark :))

Friday – REST DAY aka Foam Roll Friday or Shut it Down Friday

Meb always knows what to say.

Saturday – REST DAY but I did walk Harley for some exercise 🙂

Sunday – (5miles easy) My IT band and Hamstring were taped and it felt better than it did last week. I was not trying to push the pace – just get back out there and get some easy Sunday morning miles.

What’s I’m Loving This Week

This article in Billboard about one of my FAVORITE groups Vampire Weekend.

I have a fascination about what elite runner’s eat to fuel their training so this article in Runner’s World was right up my alley

Can we just all agree that the Yacht Rock Radio Station on Sirius XM is one of the best stations on their platform? I love jamming out to whatever song is playing.

Yacht Rock Radio is my Jam.

Usually when I run I am a “hot mess” in terms of matching BUT for important races I try and look like I have my shit together. SO I have started to put my race day kit together – which will definitely include a Gymwarp, my Koala Clip for my phone and a colorful Pomchies to keep my hair out of my face.

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