Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 10

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Well as Facebook told me this morning – I have 50 days left of training until October 28, 2018, when I will toe the line in Washington D.C. to run the Marine Corps Marathon.  On one hand, I am getting excited – I have officially entered the 50 mile a week zone, which to me means I am “really training”.  On the other hand – I ONLY have 50 days to go and that is a little daunting.

In the 50 mile per week training zone!

This past week’s weather has been pretty good if I am being honest AND the weather for my 16 miler yesterday was almost perfect.  Cloudy and cool with a bit of a breeze – I wish I could bottle that weather up and release it on October 28th.

This week also marked another first for me – my 1st colonoscopy.  If you have been following along you know that I have been struggling with some GI since July.  All of the blood work and stool samples I gave came back negative (a good thing) and the FODMAP diet I was told to try also did not alleviate my symptoms so the colonoscopy was the next logical step.

I was able to rearrange my training around my colonoscopy and actually took the day off when I had it since I was in NO condition to run one step, let alone 4 miles.

The prep itself was relatively painless – much better than the horror stories I read about online.  I won’t lie – the drink to “get things going” tastes pretty horrible but it was tolerable when I mixed it with Lemon Lime Gatorade.  I was only on a clear liquid diet for a day and don’t know how people can live on such a diet – broth, vanilla protein shakes, seltzer, jello (no red) were the name of the game – so I was glad when I went for my appointment.  

Pro-tip – make sure you get an appointment as early as possible – mine was a 2pm and it was a struggle to be up and waiting around Mark to bring me to the appointment.  Let’s just say I was a little crabby (according to Mark)

It was also some of the best sleep I have had – I remember saying that I was not sure it was going to work when they brought me back and the next thing I remember was waking up in recovery.

They took some biopsy’s for testing but the biggest surprise (and relief) was that they actually found something wrong with me.  I know I should not be too excited to say that BUT my biggest fear was them giving me a clean bill of health when that is not how I am feeling.

So – what is the diagnosis you might ask?

Ulcerative colitis (UC) –  A chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract.

The doctor did say that I did not have a severe case and it is only affecting the lower part of my colon.  He put me on two medications to try and stop the inflammation (and pooping) that I have been experiencing.  He also wants me to be dairy-free (good-bye pizza and nachos) for the next month to see if that helps reduce some of my inflammation.

No Dairy = No Nachos 

So I have basically been training with an autoimmune disease for a couple of months and did not even realize it.  Coach asked me how I wanted to proceed and I told him that at this point I still want to train and race on October 28th – but that might mean adjusting what my goals will be.

And while I am glad to have an answer – it has left me with so many more questions that I am only just learning about.  The internet is a great tool but there is so much good (and not so 2 pm) information out there.

I am sure I will delve more into UC in the future but right now I just need to learn what I can to minimize its effects and heal myself from this flare that I have been (unknowingly) experiencing.

So without further ado – 

Marine Corps Marathon Training Log – Week 10

Monday – 6.5 miles easy

It was a hot one out there today – I had to bag it after 6.5 due to the heat and GI issues I experienced in broad daylight (no bueno)

Tuesday – Quality Session (2mile warm up; 1x25min (8:06); 10x45sec hills(75sec jog)

I will take this workout for a win!  25 minute block ended up being 8:03 AND no GI issues on the track!

Wednesday – 7 miles easy

Thursday – Off

Friday – 8 miles easy

I took advantage of having a pretty clean GI tract (and the introduction of medication into my system) and it was pretty successful – weather cooled off

Saturday – 2.5 hours easy (16.25 miles) This was another workout win in my book!  Longest run since before I tore my labrum in my left hip last year.  I felt pretty good throughout and made sure to make breakfast the night before so I just had to take it out of the fridge and eat it (along with coffee of course). One small bathroom break but not as bad as it’s been – maybe the medication is starting to work!  By the end I was tired and a bit sore but glad I passed this milestone!

Sunday – 4 miles Easy

50 degrees and breezy! I almost changed to a long sleeve shirt as I was (dare I say a bit chily).

I love this weather – running in capris and a short sleeve shirt is my favorite. 

AND after running 16 miles yesterday (and getting adjusted at my chiropractor) I did not feel as sore as I thought and busted out some speedy miles!




  • I’m so glad you finally have an answer to your GI issues, though I’m sure it’s a double-edged sword. I hope your medication brings some relief. I also can’t eat dairy (allergy), so I feel that part of your pain. 🙂 Also congrats on your long run! I’m always afraid I’ll forget how to run long, but somehow it always works out. Have you run Marine Corps before? It was my first marathon way back in 2006, so it has a special place in my heart. The course is a little fuzzy at this point, but I do love DC!

    • It’s frustrating – last year I tore my labrum leading up to NJ. I thought this year I would be medically free of issues but I guess my body has other plans for me….
      OMG – give me any tips that you remember!

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