Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 12

Snapshot of the week.

This week the word was 55 (.8) – miles to be exact.

Yup – that’s how many miles while marathon training this week.  With October 28th just 34 days away – training during these next couple of weeks will be very important.

This past week I read this great article in my recent issue of Runner’s World.  In it the author talked about how many runner’s have a defeatist attitude even before we head out the door.  We make up excuses as to why we “might” not run as fast or not hit our paces or bag that last rep because of “x,y or z”.

I admit to being guilty of that myself on some occasions – Especially as the weather hit some ungodly temperatures over the Summer.

So – to help get me mentally ready – I started to visualize things like – 

  • How hard I have worked since my first run back in November 2017
  • Taking fuel and taking it at the “right time”
  • Staying on pace (i.e. not going out to fast)
  • The finish line (and Mark)
  • Not pooping on the course (still a real possibility)
Feet lights
Lighting the way during my run

I also got quite a nice surprise in my email this week – apparently, my finishing time at August’s Wethersfield 10k was fast enough to grant me a seeded start for the Hartford Half Marathon in a couple of weeks.  Now I just have to make sure I don’t futz around (as I am known to do) and get to the seeded start line in time.

Seed start confirmation
One of my favorite races of the year.

It’s not been all running – I baked up some of my favorite Sweet Potato Cookies (which I make into bar form) to snack and spent a lot of time with Harley as Mark was away for his yearly golf trip.

Finished Sweet Potato Bars
I have “almost” memorized this recipe

Let me tell you the mornings this week were quite hectic – making sure I got my run in AND take care of Harley required a very organized routine.  I can’t even imagine Marathon Training with kids – I give those runners all the credit in the world!

Harley in the back yard
Harley protecting his “land”

I even had time to get to a concert on Saturday – to see Paul Simon (one of my favorite singers) play his final performance.  It was a long day – and I have the blisters and sore feet to prove it but it was a perfect night to see a concert and a sweet reward after my EPIC run earlier that morning.

So without further ado…..

Marine Corps Training Log – Week 12

Monday – 7.5 Miles  Easy

Weather forecast
Is it possible to request this weather on October 28th?

Tuesday – Quality Session – 2m WU; 2×800 (7/29/mi); 3min recovery; 1x 35 minutes at marathon (8:06); 3 miles CD

The cool weather I was loving yesterday left and in a blink of an eye I was running in drizzily, hot and humid conditions.  I held it together

Wednesday – 7.25 Miles Easy

Thursday – 7 Miles Easy

Friday – 6.75 Miles Easy

Saturday – 2 mile warm up; 7 x 1mile at marathon pace; 1 mile recovery; 2 mile cool down (17 Miles)

Preparing for Saturday’s run

I knew this was a big session when there was a Coach’s note that said “so this is with purpose…no walk breaks to “gather”…only rest should be for an emergency for the bathroom.”

I guess Coach knows me very well as I have been known to “gather” myself when I should be jogging during a recovery portion of a workout.

In the end – 17 miles in the book before 8am and I KILLED IT!

As I wrote after the workout –

“I was really pleased with this workout – 1.  I took fuel and it agreed with me and 2. This is the first time in a long time where my stomach cooperated at these paces – i.e. no poop breaks.

I also did not “gather” myself except for before the 6th rep when I had to add a band aid to my blistered pinkie toe – ouch.

I felt in control in this workout – something I have not felt in a long time and at one point I even forgot to think about “when I might have to go to the bathroom” – a big win after what I have been dealing with for the past couple of months!”

Marathon Training - saturday run done!
Yeah – running!

So that’s a wrap – 12 weeks down and about 4 to go…It’s starting to get real.

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