Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 14

Marine Corps Marathon Training Week 14

The days in this marathon training cycle are dwindling down ladies and gentleman.   I still have some important workouts but the days of high mileage are coming to a close.

This week was marked by easy marathon training miles, a great mid-week workout and a shitty one on Saturday, where yelling and screaming might have occurred.  I admit I have not had many “bad” workouts this training cycle but so close to Race Day is frustrating.  Read more about it in my training log at the end of this post.

On the other hand – I had the immense pleasure of being one of a group of Connecticut Bloggers who toured the new  Boscov’s at the Connecticut Post Mall this past Friday morning. My original impression of this event was that I would meet some cool Connecticut Bloggers, have some breakfast, tour the store, and head to work.

Well – I was pleasantly surprised (and a bit awestruck) when the chairman of Boscov’s, Jim Boscov himself, showed up and even helped give the tour.

Jim Boscov

While I have been to the Boscov’s in Meriden, Connecticut, I had no idea of the history of this company.  With 44 stores along the east coast (and 2 in Connecticut), this family-owned independent department store has something for everyone.  Its vast array of traditional and leading designer labels merchandise will appeal to a broad clientele.  There new location, located in the Connecticut Post Mall is huge – 3 floors of not only clothing but housewares, furniture and my personal favorite “department” the candy counter.  

Jim told us that they have hired about 300 people to work at their new location and hire “people who care about people.”  Boscov’s also works closely with local non-profit organizations to aid the community and help foster a strong community outreach.  One such example of this is Boscov’s  Community Auditorium, available for not only local clubs and civic organizations to meet but also to host community events through their College of Knowledge.

Thank you to the team at The Connecticut Post Mall and Boscov’s for this great event.   I can honestly say after touring the store with the group (and on my own) that Boscov’s is something special – from its company culture to the store itself, I know I will definitely be back.

Now without further ado…..

Marine Corps Marathon Training Log – Week 14

Monday – 6 Miles Easy

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Quality Session – 2 mile warm up; 7x1mile (7:30 Pace); 2 min walk recovery; 1 mile cool down

After so many weeks of completing my Quality sessions on the track – coach laid the hammer down and said he wanted this workout “terrain specific”,  SO I headed to Old Wethersfield very early on Wednesday.  It was not easy (and I wish I had been able to get here sooner) BUT I hit my paces like a boss – 7:34; 7:27; 7:18; 7:35; 7:21; 7:40; 7:27.

Thursday – 6.25 Miles Easy

Friday – 80 Minutes Easy

I felt really good during this workout, even pulled out a sweet pace for this workout, and was able to get finally watch a gorgeous sunrise.  In hindsight – it probably was not a good idea to move this workout to the day before my Saturday session as I don’t think my legs were as fresh as they should have been.

Saturday – Quality Session – 3 Mile Warm up; 4 x 3miles at 7:59; 1 mile recovery

This workout was really frustrating for me.  The weather was great and I felt great but the paces (at least in my mind) did not go so well.  The plan was to run a loop around Roger’s Orchard in Southington.  It about a 5.4-mile loop punctuated by rolling hills and one gigantic 1-mile hill at mile 2.4.  

I have run this loop previously, but I had not yet run it during this training cycle.  I live in a hilly neighborhood but not as much as what is located around Roger’s Orchard.

The plan was to run 4x3miles at marathon pace – with my first repeat starting at THE BOTTOM OF THAT 1 MILE HILL – yuck!  I made it up the first time and one would think it would be flat after that but NOPE – rolling hills for the next 2 miles.  I ran up that bloody hill 3x and I hated it each time.

I hated that I had not made it to this loop until now – for various but valid reasons.  

I hated that my run did not feel as “easy” as it should of this close to the marathon.

But mostly I hated that I was hating this workout and in my mind failing.

Yes – I did the work to what I hope was the best of my ability but in the last set – I started feeling dizzy and light headed so I cut it short and headed back to my car (tail between legs).  I still hit my mileage (18) BUT this workout was definitely not the confidence booster I was hoping it would be.

All smiles BEFORE the run.

Sunday  – 6 Miles Easy

After Saturday’s less than epic workout – I was sore and wanted nothing more than to stay in bed BUT that would have been giving up and throwing in the towel – something I am not willing to do at this stage of the game. So – I did what I do best, continue to show up and do my best.

So there you have it  – another week in the books!

Onward we go!

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