Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 2

So the time has come to start to document my marathon training (aka marathon #6).  Not sure what the format is going to be yet but for the time being I think it’s going to be a weekly summary of my training days and my rambling thoughts.

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Monday – 5 mile Easy Run (9:02 pace)

Nice run to start the week – did not push it (I did not sleep very well the night before) and ended the day with a strength training session at the gym after work.

Tuesday  – Quality Workout (2.5 mile warm up; 15 x 1min @ 7:09/mi with 2min (jog) recovery; 1 mile cooldown)

I won’t bore everyone with my paces BUT I love this type of workout!  It’s the type of workout where come away from it knowing that I did the work but not super exhausted and spent.  I also got better by actually jogging (and not walking) during my recovery – Coach called me out on that recently so I am making an effort to keep moving.  Recovery does not equal rest!

Wednesday – 60 minute Easy Run (8:41 pace)

The weather was cooperating this morning and I saw a delightful drop in pace.  I also had a run-in with a dog whose owners (thankfully) had installed an electric fence or this run (and post) would have had a different ending!

Thursday  – Off

Friday – Quality Work out & Long Run (2.5 mile warm up; 4×1.5 mile repeats @8:17/mile with .75mile recovery; 1mile cooldown

I was pleased with myself because 1) I felt great throughout the workout AND 2) I got 12 miles done BEFORE work and felt like a bit of a badass.  The workout was to start testing out marathon paces and nutrition on the run.  The paces ended up being 7:55; 7:52; 7:57 and 8:00 so it WAS on the speedier side which might have been because the workout was done on the track and not on the road.  However, I wanted to work on consistency and the track has always helped me achieve it.  However,  I know I will soon have to start taking these workouts on the road.  I also have to work on nutrition consumption, something that has not been my strong suit.  On the plus side – I did consume 200 calories on the run – I just needed to consume another 200 within the workout. So that shake that I had afterward was definitely needed.

Saturday – 60 minute Easy Run (8:45 pace)

After yesterday’s quality session I was feeling good so I was happy with today’s pace. Mark had an early tee time and I had to a volunteer commitment so it was up at the crack of dawn to get my run in, walk Harley, and head out.  I made sure to fuel afterward but unfortunately stretching took a back seat and I felt it later in the day – Ouf!

Sunday – Off 

Sunday Rest days are the BEST!  I slept in but made sure that I hydrated, stretched and rolled this morning.  Sunday rest days might be rare in the future so I took advantage of this today!

Product(s) I loved this week For a while now I have been consuming 5 Hour Energy before my runs in the morning to give me that “extra boost” and to be honest wake me up before I head out.  It never made me feel jittery and a 1/2 bottle gave me just enough to get me out the door.  While walking Harley recently, I was listening to an interview with Nick Symmonds who was a guest on the Ali on the Run Podcast (which is awesome and I highly recommend).  Nick a “retired” professional track athlete had recently launched a company called Run Gum, which was born out of his desire to create a product that was not only portable but also provided a fast and convenient energy boost through the simple process of chewing a piece of gum.  I admit I was skeptical but intrigued.  After using this product for several weeks I am a believer.  One piece of gum (each package contains 2) has enough caffeine as a can of soda which is really all I need in the morning.  After chewing it for several minutes the sublingual absorption gives me that boost to help me be alert and (somewhat) focused.  It’s become part of my morning routine and I highly recommend it to those (runners and non-runners alike) who are looking for an extra daily “boost”.

Total Miles for the week – 39.4 (so close to 40!)

Next weeks goals – More sleep (that’s a constant); continue to work on hydration; don’t Fuck around and have the fuel during my 2-hour long run (a direct quote from Coach).



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