Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 3

The weather finally broke last week and I was able to get some marathon training runs in some delightful weather (especially for July).  Sadly the heat, humidity and overall soupiness that July is known for are back in full effect this week.

AND I almost hit 50 miles this week! 

I was looking over my training log from last year at this same time and it was nowhere near where I am now (mostly due to a labral tear in my left hip).  I am happy how far I have come and want to continue my forward momentum in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Monday – 5 mile Easy Run (8:57 pace)

This run was tough, I’m not going to lie.  I developed a migraine on Sunday evening that made sleep impossible.  I took a sick day (which I hardly do) and slept in.  When I finally decided to get out there was greeted with sun, sun and more sun. Oh and no shade. YUCK.  By the end, I remembered why I run at 5am.

Tuesday  – 60 minutes easy

Again it was humid – and this was at 5am!  However on a positive note – I had a 2nd run without KT tape.  I have been dealing with a loose kneecap since March and I am happy to report that it is slowly getting to the point where I am comfortable without the added protection on easy runs.

Wednesday – Quality Workout (2 mile warm up; 4×12 minutes (7:46 pace; 3-minute recovery jog; 2 mile cool down)

So coach told me that this was going to be a “Big Run” which I assumed (incorrectly) he meant in terms of pace BUT while he probably meant it, he also meant it in terms of mileage.  I only realized this in the middle of my workout (does anyone else do math in their head while in the middle of a workout) that I would be running 11QUALITY MILES BEFORE WORK.

But at that point there as nothing else to do but put my head down and finish.  I only had to stop my watch and get some water before the last rep but as someone who notoriously walks between reps (even when I am supposed to jog), this was some improvement.

Reps were – 7:47; 7:46; 7:46; 7:29

Thursday  – Off

No running today but I did head to “The Arch” at Bushnell Park to find my name on the “Van of Fame” that the Hartford Marathon Foundation is driving around up to the 25th running of the Hartford Marathon.  It was cool to find actually find my name (and PR from 2011) on the van.

Friday – 120 minute Long Run (13.1 miles total)

A combination of a cool morning and the fact that I did not have to be into work until 10am lead to a perfect combo to get my run in this morning.  I have been struggling on these runs BUT I am happy to report that even though I was tired at the end AND had a mid emergency bathroom stop (thank you to the porta potty at the park) it was a success.  

I used Honey Stinger Gummies and I am really enjoying them – easy to eat and digest.  

The only probably I am realizing is that I am really NOT liking my Nathen Fuel Belt – I have had it for a long time but it might be time to invest in a vest to carry my fuel and water.  Suggestions??

Saturday – 60 minute Easy Run (8:50 pace)

Early morning run before a hair appointment.  I was busy doing some housework before my hair appointment so I made sure to refuel at Fresh Monkee (Coffee Buzz) and make a new friend!

Sunday – 60 minutes Easy Run (8:50 pace

No double rest day this week.  However, the clouds and breeze helped keep the humidity at bay.  I am thankful for this because the next week looks dreadful for running.

Product(s) I loved this week – Summer is in full swing in pretty much the entire country and with that, I prefer to keep my hair off the back of my neck when I run.  However, many times the elastics that I use snag or get caught in my hair, leaving me with a wad of hair in my elastic, and the headbands that I use fall off

No Bueno!

Luckily Pomchies have come to the rescue! Pomchies is the brainchild of Heather Logan, who while selling children’s sun protective swimwear, came up with this great idea of how to use the leftover fabric.

I love that Pomchies is not only a female-owned company but that they have found a way to use “scraps” to make some great products for those with active lifestyles.  Soft, waterproof, and washable these products have kept all of my hair securely pulled back with minimal damage

Total Miles for the week – 49.8(so close to 50!)

Next weeks goals – More sleep (that’s a constant); continue to work on hydration; stretch and eat “clean” this week.  I have a big workout on Sunday (and a race) to see where my endurance is. 

Stay tuned…

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