Marine Corps Marathon Training – Week 4

This weather is really trying my patience!

But I work with the conditions given and even though I feel super unathletic (and feel this way by what my paces have been recently) I keep putting one foot in front of the other for the ultimate goal of running 26.2. I am going to continue to put my paces out there for the interwebs but this was a slothy feeling week, to say the least.

Another good week of solid (hot and humid) training in the books – 47.7 to round out the week, which also included the Sea Legs Shuffle in Guilford on Sunday.

Coach put it on the schedule as an endurance test and as you will see as you read there were some pros and cons.

It was nice to not have much else other than work and running planned, but we were able to head to the Yard Goats on Saturday evening.


Weekly Training Log

Monday – 60 minutes Easy Run (8:57)
All I can say about this run was SO.MUCH.RAIN. I am very OCD when it comes to the weather and I was for sure certain that it was not supposed to rain until after I got back BUT about 2 miles in the heavens opened up. It was actually a blessing in disguise as it kept me cool for the remainder of my run. Also, shout out to the Running Czar (aka my husband) for putting a towel out to dry off before heading into the house.

Marine Corps Marathon Training Week 3

Tuesday – Quality workout (2 m warm up; 15×1 minutes at 7:09; 2 miles cool down
I really love this type of work out (which I have documented before). It’s the kind of work out where I feel I “did the work” when done but not totally done for the rest of the day. I had about 15 reps in me and then I was done. Paces hit except for 1 or 2 where I let my mind wander.

Wednesday – 5 mile Easy Run (9:01)

Thursday – Mid Week 9 mile Long Run (9:11)
It was hot this morning BUT not as bad has it had been. With the exception of a mid-run bathroom stop (shout out to the Town of Rocky Hill Parks Department) it was pretty enjoyable. I also tried something different – listening to a podcast that did not include music. I am by no means a “no headphones” gal but usually listen to music with a good beat to get me through a run. I tried something different today and it worked – might have to add these to my rotation as my longer runs increase.

Friday – Day Off!
I headed to the gym this morning for a strength training session to make sure I got in 2 this week. Mission accomplished!

Saturday – 5 miles (8:50)
Nothing exciting to write about on this run and the house cleaning that I did for the remainder of the day. What WAS exciting was that we headed to a Yard Goats game that night. We had a lot of fun rooting for the team and watching the thunderstorms roll south of us but we headed home early so that I could get SOME sleep as I had to be up early the next morning.











Sunday – Sea Legs Shuffle (2mile warm up; 10-mile race; 2 mile cool down)

Thankfully the humidity broke on Saturday night and I woke up to clear skies and cool temperatures.  I will probably write more about this race at a later time because I am still processing how the race went.  The course contains classic Connecticut rolling hills and the court is sort of a lollipop – something I did not realize until about mile 4 when I saw the leaders passing me in the opposite direction.

I felt strong up until about mile 8 when the toll of the hills (and my heading out too fast) took there toll.  At one point toward the end of the race, I felt really cool and am not sure if it was because I sweated too much or whether it was psychological.  I ate oatmeal pre-race and that sustained me energy-wise I was just spent because of the rolling hills. Of note, I did walk through the last 2 aid stations and struggled during the last 2 miles.

I am frustrated with myself for several reasons but after a long series of text messages with my coach, I realize that I have to do a couple of things for the remainder of my training.  The most important take away from the race is that my training has to focus on my fitness NOW and not some time goal I have in my head for the marathon.

I have not trained for a marathon in over a year.  Last year at this time I was still running (although painfully) and preparing for surgery.  This year I am running 10x what I was running last year – an accomplishment I have to take to heart.  I just wish my progress was faster, but I do realize that this weather is some of the worst summer running weather this area has seen in a long time.

What I am loving this week – NEW SOCKS.

I know it might not seem like that much BUT since I am on my feet more and more – the right socks are important. None of the running socks I wear are cheap but they are so important because of the pounding my feet take. So I went through my sock drawer (does anyone else have one), got rid of some of the older ones and replaced them with brightly colored fresh socks (which I know soon enough will be muddy and worn.

So this week was definitely filled with some highs and lows – but it’s a new week and I continue to work on being better.



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