Marine Corps Marathon Training Roundup – (40 Days to Go)

It’s beginning to look a lot like jacket weather!

We are getting down to the nitty-gritty of training for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon – this week I saw my highest mileage EVER come across my Vdot AND my first EVER 20 miler while being coached by McKirdy Trained. I knew the key to keeping myself as loose as possible was quality rest, healthy fueling, and a lot of rolling/stretching.

The weather has been cooperating over the past week or so and I was lucky that the weather continued this week – especially on Saturday where I was able to complete my workout under cool and cloudy conditions.

Also – my health insurance finally got their SHIT together and approved my doctor’s request to undergo Intivio injections to treat my Ulcerative Colitis!!! It also comes on the heels of having some good (i.e. poop-free) runs. Things seem to be coming together at this the right time (*knocks on wood*).

Keeping it classy for my Entyvio selfie

I had my first infusion of Entyvio on Wednesday and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that this is what I need to start feeling more like myself.

So without further ado.

The Workouts

Monday – (7 miles easy) I did not want to get up this morning. A combination of yesterday’s “race” and falling back asleep right before my alarm went off at 5am made for a rough start. I got out and was rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise (which of course I forgot to capture).

Tuesday – (8 miles easy plus striders) I really felt some DOMS this morning e even with my Sunday Yoga Class and an appointment with my chiropractor yesterday. However – pace did not suck (9:02). The only downside – my streak of poopless runs (3) ended. BOO!

Wednesday – (2m WU; 8x1m @ 7:39; 1m CD) I had to chuckle as Coach’s notes for this work out was that I could do it on the track (YES) but to “not push the pace”. Also – I have done mile repeats before but 8 – that was a new one for me. But as I stated on the ol’ IG – we are getting down to the wire and each Quality Session is important. So head down and headphones on – I hit the track and came away with some confidence-boosting mileage (7:35; 7:26 (oops); 7:38; 7:31; 7:34; 7:26 (oops); 7:33; 7:40).

The return of workouts powered by ALL THE REFLECTIVE GEAR

Thursday -(7.63 miles)

Friday – (7.77 miles) Cool weather and speedy feet for the win. I had to get up early(er) than usual to get my run in and take Harley for his morning constitutional as Mark was out of town.

Saturday (5mile WU; 8m @marathon; 1.5m jog; 4.5m @marathon; CD =20 miles) WOW. Just wow. I have been with McKirdy Trained since James started and he has never given me a 20 miler as his philosophy is more a time on feet/quality workout mentality than the general “you have to run a 20 miler in marathon training” mentality. AND even though I ran 20 miles – notice was not an “easy” run – there was definitely “work” in the workout. I headed to Sperry Park in Avon – the perfect location to lay down this workout. Fueling is getting better (up to 3 gels!). I did have some stomach issues but at least it was not during the workout portion of the run.

Sunday (5.75) After feeling super sore before I went to bed last night, I woke up well-rested (guess that is what 10 hours of sleep will do) and not really that sore.

The Eats

When I saw my workouts and mileage for the week I knew that I needed to be fueled properly. So I whipped up not only some Mini Chocolate Zucchini Muffins (which have become my go-to mid-day snack) and some Pumpkin Blender Bread.

Some of my lunch bag staples – Mini Chocolate Zucchini Muffins and Pumpkin Blender Bread.

Upping mileage has also meant upping calories – something I am still working on. I sometimes get pulled in a couple of different directions at work, and before I know it I have missed my “snack” window. So I have been trying to “front-load” calories in the morning by making sure I a fairly substantial breakfast (right get to work) and mid-morning snack with a fair amount of carbs and fat (I never have a problem getting my protein in :)). It has been a learning curve as I have always been the person to “save” breakfast until 10am. That does not seem to be a problem now as I am pretty “hangry” as soon as I turn my computer on.

My lunch bag is getting so full I can’t even close it!

I’ve also been upping my carbs throughout every meal – it’s been super helpful and I know one of the reasons why my run went well on Saturday. I will continue this for the rest of this training cycle as I have been told “barring any weird injury” my mileage is going remain in the mid-60’s (which as I write this excites me – I have never put in a 60-mile week let alone a string of them).

I know going forward I am going to have to keep up this increased food fueling so that my body keeps doing what it needs to do to get me to the start line.

High mileage perk – PHO!

What’s I’m Reading This Week

Fast Women Newsletter – I am a big fan of the Rambling Runner PodCast and he recently had on Alison the author behind the Fast Women Newsletter. If you love running, especially Women’s Professional Running, I highly recommend subscribing to this weekly newsletter

You Know You Are in Marathon Training – Very accurate for me at this moment

Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way To Victory (Deena Kastor) I am so excited to start reading this book that I just got from the local library! Deena is one of my favorite female runners, so I can’t wait to see what knowledge she drops in her autobiography.

Onward we go!

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