Monday’s Were Made for Mexican (Food That Is)

Taco’s might be one of life’s most perfect foods.  It is basically a hand held meal that can be mixed and matched with a variety of items from your conventional meat, tomato and salsa variety to those containing pork belly dressed with a tangy coleslaw. It’s great as a grab and go meal but also one that you can assemble with a group of friends on a Saturday night.

Quick, tasty and compact – visions of taco’s were dancing in my head yesterday as Mark and I left a mid way through a Manchester High School Boy’s Basketball game to grab something quick before heading home.

Luckily (pun intended) we were close by to Lucky Taco and decided to check out the permanent location to what had been one of my favorite Hartford area food trucks around Bushnell Park.

Finally I had a chance to take Lucky Taco came off the “Bookmarked” and on to the “Checked Into” list.

We arrived around 8ish and both the bar and dining areas were doing a pretty steady business, especially for a Monday night.  We found a high top at the bar and after ordering some Beer List($1 of on Mondays!) – started to pursue the menu.  Our waitress whom was super sweet and efficient – advised us (being first timers to the restaurant) that everything on the menu was great but so as to not over whelm ourselves,  order a couple of tacos this time,  and come back to try some of their other menu items.

The menu boasts a variety of Tex-Mex (meaty and meatless options) and Around the World tacos.  Each taco is served individually or for an additional charge of $3 you can add cilantro rice and beans to your meal.

In attempting to try a variety, I ended up ordering a Cheesesteak (at the recommendation of our waitress), Blackened Fish, and a Kung Pow Chicken (on corn tortillas) along with rice and beans (to split with the husband) as well as an order of chips and salsa.  Yes – I am a sucker for salty chips.

The salsa had a nice kick to it and went well with my New England Brewing Company Sea Hag and the salty tortilla chips.

The vibe as we were waiting for our meal was super chill and I could tell that there were some regulars (they even have a mug club!).  Definitely a place that I would love to come and spend the afternoon watching football as there beer/bar line up was pretty stacked.
Midway through devouring our chips and salsa, our meals were brought out.

All the tacos were fresh and delicious with the order of my favorites being the Kung Pow Chicken (with just the right amount of spice to wake you up a bit), Cheesesteak (with tender steak smothered in melty white cheddar) and Blackened Fish Taco.  Sadly the fish taco was my least favorite and I had high hopes for it – the dressing and slaw were a bit off and the fish was over cooked and a bit too blackened.  However this was remedied when I added some of the black beans to it.  My taco trifecta did not stand a chance of becoming tomorrow’s leftovers.


Lucky Taco Platter

We left and both our bellies and our wallets were content.  Our taco craving was satisfied and at reasonable cost for the meal.  I will definitely be back to try some of their other tacos as well as pretty much the rest of their menu.



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