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This past Saturday, I was invited by Nixs Evergreen to “PlayNice” and take part in a “ladies only” lunch with some local Connecticut Bloggers.

Nixs Kitchen SIgnage
Play Nice

I was excited to try some of the small plates and shareable food items that Chef Sean DeLaRosa was to prepare for our group. In just perusing the Menu Options– my mouth watered as I read the descriptions.

I headed into lunch not sure what to expect – would Nixs Evergreen have a similar vibe to the one in Hartford or would it try and push the boundaries and surprise it’s patrons whom might have had a preconceived notion of what Nixs Evergreen had to offer.


As soon as I arrived, I was immediately struck by the enormity of the Nix Evergreen and the cool industrial vibe that emanated from the walls. From the high ceiling and enormous light filled windows to the floor – my initial reaction was that Nixs Evergreen was definitely not something I would have expected to see in South Windsor, Connecticut. Through these doors, I felt as if I had been transported to a cool, hipster restaurant in say New York or Boston – definitely not suburban Connecticut

I gave my name to the hostess; professional dressed even for a Saturday afternoon, and made my way to our table. Bonnie (from HomePlace Blog) had already arrived, so we chatted and waited for the others to arrive.

I had a chance to look around as the other ladies trickled in, and what struck me as I walked through the restaurant were the varied and completely different seating options available. From the high tops in the bar area to booths and long tables in the official dining area – there was a seating arrangement a party of any size.

And – if you are looking for something a bit more intimate, Nixs Evergreen has a private room available.


As the other ladies trickled in, drink orders were taken and we caught up on life and blogging (big surprise!).

The menu had a lot of delicious cocktails to choose from but I ordered the “Beach Please”, partly just so I could sassily say it to our waitress. My fellow dining companions and I ordered a variety of drinks to sample and try. I really enjoyed my Beach Please – it was cool and refreshing even in January. I could definitely see myself ordering this on a hot summer day after a long day of shopping.

Beach Please – Perfectly Refreshing

20160130_14170720160130_142952 20160130_142646  20160130_145955


Now for the most important part (at least to me) – the food! What I loved was that the menu at Nixs Evergreen (a straightforward accumulation of appetizers, main dishes and salads) also had a nice selection of “Shareables” – perfect for our table. It allowed us to share several different dishes and did not put a strain on our wallets (or our waists). We ordered the Ginger Soy “Banging” Wings and a Chef’s Cheese Plate (Fig Jam, Fennel Honey, Almond brittle, and Grilled Crostini) plate to share. It was touch and go there for a bit but luckily I did not have to fight any of the ladies for any of the fig jam and almond brittle.

20160130_150323  20160130_151104


I love a good chicken wing but many times they are pretty wimpy – you know the kind – the ones where the meat to breading ratio favors the breading – not at Nix Evergreen. The wings presented to us were plump and full of meaty goodness fried in a light and flavorful batter that yielded some of the best wings I have had in a while.

As you can see from the pictures, we hated each of the dishes.


For my “main” dish – again I chose from the “Shareables” portion of the menu and order the naked Spicy Tuna. In hindsight it was a good thing I ordered this dish. In addition to it being a wonderfully composed dish (holla to the risotto-style jasmine rice) was that my dish was not hot.


One thing you need to know about food bloggers is that once a dish (any dish) is brought out – about 10 minutes is spent getting “the perfect light” and Saturday was no exception. I was even guilty of it – turning dishes this way and that and rearranging some for “that” picture.


Luckily I was also able to try some of the other dishes that were ordered. If I did not order the Naked Spicy Tuna, my second choice would have been the Buffalo “Mac Attack” because it’s mac and cheese (duh!) but more so because it was the perfect size to eat and not feel like a mac (HA!) truck had run over you.

20160130_160331 20160130_160154 20160130_160130 20160130_16005120160130_155727

And just when we thought we were done – enjoying our coffee, laughing, and chatting – we were surprised with a selection of Nix Kitchen’s decedent and freaking awesome desserts.

20160130_17042020160130_170811  20160130_170320 20160130_170236 20160130_170506

Although I was full, I *managed*to sample each of the desserts (for the blog of course!).

I have to give a special shout out to the s’mores dish (which I definitely had several bites of). I am a huge s’mores fan but really only have them when I go camping but with this dish Nix Evergreen saves me the trouble of having to go camping in order to enjoy one of my favorite desserts.

Heading, I was thinking about how to compose this post and what I kept coming back to was that I could see myself stopping by to grab a bite or a drink after a day of shopping (they do have happy hour specials) or on a Friday or Saturday evening for dinner with my husband or with a group of friends. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of food (both in presentation and taste) and would definitely recommend Nixs Evergreen to friends.

Even if I had already had a meal and was looking for a place to chill – Nixs Evergreen will now be on my radar since they feature “loungey” music on the weekends.

Nixs Kitchen is that versatile!! I went in thinking that Nixs Kitchen trying to be an urban/hipster restaurant in a suburban setting but I was so wrong. They have their own vibe and it fits great in the location there are in.

Nixs Evergreen is a great spot – definitely a hidden gem in South Windsor, Connecticut. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of food (both in presentation and taste) and would definitely recommend Nixs Evergreen to friends as long as they #Playnice.

Disclaimer: I was asked to attend this luncheon free of charge in exchange for writing a review on the blog. Although this post is sponsored, the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


  1. Mark

    Great review and the pictures of the food are awesome! Now we have to go and check it out!

  2. Avatar

    Great post! It was so much fun chatting with you! We must go back and devour some of that mac and cheese soon 🙂


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