Pinterest Challenge 2016 – Crockpot Baked Chicken

Pinterest is a wonderful concept.  It’s virtual bulletin board where you can search and subsequently “pin” ideas on everything from fashion to meal ideas.

I have personally used it to plan and design the Scrapbook Room in my home and more recently to help my husband and I organize ideas as we begin the process of creating an outdoor patio and fire pit

The problem I have run into, however, is that while it is great to create and pin to these boards, many times I forget what I have pinned and ultimately many potential great ideas fall by the wayside.  This is particularly a problem with all the recipes that I have pinned over the years.

I have grand ideas of making the side dishes, sweet treats, and crockpot creations that I have pinned, but when it comes down to meal planning, many times I am at a loss and have come to rely on some simple weeknight staples.

I have no problem with quick weeknight meals BUT on the weekends, when I have more time,  I would love to break out of this rut and experiment with new flavors and ultimately new recipes.

So two years ago I created my own Pinterest Challenge – the rules were simple – each week I would scour one of my many food boards and recreate one of those recipes.  The great thing about it was that it did not have to be a component for a meal per se – I made several desserts and snacks.  After creating the recipe I would re-pin it to my 2014 Pinterest Challenge Board adding notes consisting of changes I made to the recipe and more importantly would I ever make that recipe again.

The Challenge definitely got me out of my comfort zone and assisted in allowing me to add some more “go to” recipes to my repertoire.

I attempted this Challenge again last year but was not very consistent. Boo!

So for 2016 I am bringing the Challenge back! 

The first recipe of the Challenge was Crockpot Chicken – a pretty easy set it and forget it meal.  It actually turned out beautifully but word to the wise.  Make sure you read the directions carefully – the Low and High settings are there for a reason.


Chicken seasoned and ready for the Crockpot!

20160110_143111 20160110_183539

Cover on – Now we wait for the Crockpot to do it’s magic!

I made the unfortunate mistake of cooking the chicken on 4 hours Low – and when I took it out to prepare to cut it – it was still raw. Womp! Womp!  Back to the crockpot it went for another 2 hours on High while I scrambled to make a quick replacement dinner.

The chicken tasted great when we finally ate it on Monday – flavorful, juicy and great with a simple side of rice pilaf and corn.   Cooking the chicken in the crockpot for several hours allowed the rosemary and lemon flavors to fully incorporate itself throughout the entire chicken.

20160110_183845 20160111_184848

I love crock pot meals because they make enough for the husband and I to have left overs for the rest of the week, which was the case with this meal.

A successful first recipe for the Challenge if I do say so myself – make sure to check back next week to see what other recipes I have up my sleeve!


  1. Mark

    I am trying to also do better with cooking meals and recently found a crockpot chili recipe on pinterest. i made and it was a hit; i am looking forward to my next pinterest recipe!


    1. Agreed – I had a fresh rosemary plant over the summer and it was great. Can’t wait to have another one this summer!


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