Ragnar Relay Packing List – My Top 10 Non-Food Items

So – since it has been 2 weeks since my pack of Ragnar Relay Ultra Sexy, Sexy Cheetahs ran the streets of Hull to Provincetown, MA I have had time to sit back and think about what items I brought that made the world of difference to my comfort and sanity.  Since I have already provided a list of Top 10 Tips to ensure a successful Ragnar Relay experience but I wanted to go one step further and include some specific items.  So – without further ado – I present my Top 10 Non-Food Items to Pack before your next Ragnar Relay event.

Ragnar Relay Packing List – My Top 10 Non-Food Items

  1. Ear Plugs – Let’s face it, if you are lucky you are only going to get a  couple of hours of sleep so your down time is ultra precious.  However, when you are looking to shut your eyes, your van-mates might have other ideas.  So do yourself a favor and pack this little guys,  I can assure you that you will be glad you did.Ragnar Relay
  2. Cash (in addition to credit cards) – A lot of the exchanges that we went to had items to buy in support of local groups BUT most times it was Cash only.  Additionally – if your team goes and grabs a bite while you are on your run, it’s easier to give them cash than having to worry about giving them your credit card or reimbursement.Ragnar Relay
  3. Fabreeze and/or Wet Wipes – Hot, sweaty runners + Enclosed Van = a bit of a biohazard if you are not careful.  Do yourself a favor and invest in Fabreeze for yourself and/or others.  Additionally – wet wipes are a god send to get the grit and and grime off to help you feel somewhat human again.Ragnar Relay
  4. Motrin – Running + Sitting in a Cramped van = aches and pains.  I take this to try and ward off or at least keep them at bay.Ragnar Relay
  5. A Disposable Poncho – Until last weekend I had been blessed to not have to run in the rain during a Ragnar Relay event.  During Ragnar Cape Cod, my packed poncho was a god send in both keeping me a bit warmer and drier as I waited for our runners at the various exchanges. Ragnar Packing List- Poncho
  6. Running Shoes – 2 pairs (in addition to flip flops)  – This goes with #5.  I brought both my “A” and “B” running shoes with me.  When the rains came I swapped out and wore my “B” shoes – ensuring dry and happy feet during Legs 5 and 6.  Running Motivation
  7. Battery Charger for your Cell Phone – Our van was great but not blessed with a lot of USB and since everyone brought  phone with this, it was great to recharge my phone when the other outlets were being utilized.Ragnar Packing list - Batteries
  8. Sunscreen – Even though it was only sunny for our Saturday runs, we underestimated the cloud glare and it’s effects on us.  I was reminded of this on Saturday night when looking in the mirror I had a slightly red face staring back at me.  Lesson learned!Ragnar Relay
  9. Easy to Eat Food – You’re tired and sore and all you want is something to eat.  Don’t make it complicated.  Bring convenience items (pretzels, beef jerky, fruit) that can quickly fill your hunger and nutritional needs
  10. Music WITH a Playlist – This was my one “fail”.  I had a lot of songs on my Ipod but in no discernible order, so I spent a lot of time looking for the “right” song.  Save yourself this problem by creating a “Ragnar Relay Playlist” with songs that will get you through those last runs – since we all know those are the hardest!Ragnar Relay

    So there you have it.  I think that if you bring the items included in my Ragnar Relay Packing List(along the other lists of items you can find floating around the internet) you will be in good shape!

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