I’m sure the title of my post got some people’s attention – so Hi!

I thought I would do a quick check in on how things are going and also a race recap of the Retro Run 5k that I ran yesterday.  I know that there has been some chatter among the blog-o-sphere recently about whether blogging is dying as more and more are using Instagram to share stories and mini-blog posts.

I admit although I love writing and reading other bloggers, sometimes it’s just easier to post a picture my phone and share my thoughts instantly.  Blogging takes more time – remembering your password, writing, editing, and uploading photos – it can be a lot.

I know as I start ramping up my mileage in the coming weeks to prepare for the Marine Corps Marathon (5.5 months away – but who’s counting) I will be making an effort to be sharing more.  Not only is it a good outlet but I love going back and seeing how I have improved from one training cycle to the next (and which workout’s I absolutely hated).

So in terms of where I am fitness wise as I write this post – pretty good.  I was dealing with some wonky right knee issues since March.  I went back to physical therapy, got some sports massages (Thanks Richard), and started going back to the chiropractor regularly.  Oh – and I taped my knee (Rock Tape and McConnell) within an inch of its life.

Long story short – I have a loose kneecap that does not track properly (I know awesome!). 

That combined with my quads not “firing” caused my kneecap to move in a “J” pattern as I ran instead of straight up and down.  So – I was running well but just not very comfortable for several weeks.  I felt very clunky when I ran – always waiting for the next step to cause me pain.

BUT with patience, a couple of days off (thanks Mark for putting up with “Sad Runner”), and the above recovery – I am happy to report that my stride does not feel clunky AND I ran my first “Easy” miles this morning with just McConnell taping.

Mileage is in the mid-30s per week and I am “working on” getting in at least 2 strength training sessions a week.


So even after a pretty challenge 2 quality workouts this week – I had a 5k on Sunday the Retro Run 5k in Morris,  Connecticut.

When I signed up for this race over the winter (probably during a storm because isn’t that when all the best racing decisions are made??) – I “forgot” to take into account that the race was in Litchfield – notorious for hills. A fact I only realized when I was trying to complete my warm up.

I also did something that even the most novice runner know NOT to do – nothing new on race day.

My failure in that department does not happen often (I am such a Type A) BUT yesterday I met my dad for breakfast at his local diner.  The best option on the menu – Veggie Egg White Omelette, Dry Rye Toast, and Coffee.  They had outmeal but it was made with milk – we have a love hate relationship so I did not want to take the chance. 

AND the worst part – I only had 1 piece of toast. Major fail!  I was content when I ate it at 9 am but by the time I reached the race AND did my warm up, I should have brought a banana to top me off.

Especially since the sun (which has been a rare sight over the past couple of months) decided to show her face and race the temperature (and the humidity) to soupy levels.

Once the air horn went off – I headed up the 1st hill – notice I said first.  I honestly lost count on how many hills there were – personally I think there should be a limit.  And as I continued my breathing got labored and I had problems breathing – Yuck!

It was a slog I will tell you that and I even had to walk/jog a bit to catch my breath.  I do use an inhaler but it did not do the trick yesterday.

The downhill to the end and the finish were a welcome relief but I felt so disappointed in myself.  I knew going in that it was not a race (as I mentioned I 2 tough workouts earlier in the week) but I wanted to do “well”.

It’s funny – what is “well”.  For some the race it was winning, for some it was running the entire 3.1 miles and for others, it was just finishing. For me (as Mark told me while I was complaining about it the way home) doing well as being there, uninjured and finishing because at the end of the day that is what we do.

Yes, we run (and race) to compete and get better BUT we also run to be with other runners and share in the joy (and misery) that each race brings.

So to turn this “Debbie Downer” post into a positive – here are 3 Retro 5k take-aways:

  • Run with intention and if you did that you can’t ask anything else from yourself.
  • It’s the time of year when Body Glide is my best friend.  Seriously I think I would have come away with some serious chafe. 
  • And last but certainly not least – small races are the best.  I might not have had a good race BUT I still came away with an AG win! 


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    Great job on your win, and finishing! Some races that is the biggest accomplishment and should be cheered!!!

    1. Avatar

      Agreed – I just have to remember that. Might be a good mantra to start using for myself!

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    I can tell I am no runner having never needed body glide lmao. Good luck with training:)

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      I can also attest it’s good for when you work outside on home improvement projects 🙂


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