Runner’s Who Can’t Run…Swim

To piggy back on my last post, I have been spending a lot of time at the gym instead of outside running.

I am two weeks into a four week hiatus to heal my partially torn plantar fasciitis.  It’s slowly, slowly healing and I am now at the point where it does not hurt when I get up in the morning, it’s these small victories that I am trying to maximize to hopefully start running (slowly) in about 2 weeks.

I really would love to try things out this weekend (even though the weather is supposed to be attrocious but the running czar (a/k/a the husband a/k/a Mark) has gently told me in so many words that it “might” be a good idea to wait a bit longer, that any healing (HA) taking place might be undone by my over exuberant idea to return to running too soon.

So – it’s more quality time for me and the gym and to try and mix up my cardio I have been (attempting) to spend at least two days a week in the pool.

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Due to a previous injury, where I had been relegated to the gym (Hello Runner’s Knee) and hence the pool, I already had the appropriate “gear” but what I did not count on is basically – SWIMMING IS HARD.

I am not going to sugar coat this dear reader’s, I had forgotten how much stamina it takes to propel yourself in the water.  Floating and fooling around is one thing, but going up and back (and up and back) only to realize that mere minutes have passed, and you are winded – well that has been an eye opener.

It gives me so much more respect to the stamina one must have to swim – it’s basically a total body workout.

And getting one’s breathing correct – that’s a whole other ball of wax.  I “think” I might have gotten the hang of it during my laps today, only after I swallowed several gulps of  pool water, YUCK!

I have watched some of the other early morning “lapers” and I marvel at their appeared ease, gliding up and back, never ceasing once they reach one end of the pool.  They appear be in their happy place.

Me – I am happy to swim several laps in a row without stopping.

I am glad that I have been welcomed.

I am glad that I have not judged as I go about trying to get a workout in.

AND I am glad if only for the briefest of moments I have found the sense of relaxation and clarity that I find when I run.

I have wondered, while swimming, what people whom I pass (or pass me) during my morning runs think about me.

Do I look at ease? Does my running look fluid?  Do they wish they could be me – not so much in the physical sense but in the fact that I can (at least before my injury) run hours on end? Or – do they think I am just a bit crazy to be out in all kinds of weather in search of that unwritten peace I seek.

I probably will never know the answer to this, as I would not be foolish enough to stop random passersby and/or drivers in the roadway to find out.

However, what I do know is that until I can run, I have been able to join another group of individuals that finds joy in an activity different (but maybe not so much) than my own.  The relaxation and clarity that I seek and for the briefest moments have found has kept me sane until I can trade my swim cap for a winter hat and some running shoes.

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