5 Month Update – Running is Hard!

Hip Surgery Recover

Running is Hard

So – when last we chatted I was 12 weeks post-op from surgery to my left hip to repair a labral tear AND I was just cleared to start running – Yeah!

And then – silence.  On the blog, I mean.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook – you will have seen that I have been slowly plugging away; slowly increasing my endurance; slowly increasing my mileage.

I used a walk/run protocol for about  6 weeks or so– always focusing on time on feet and not mileage.  It was more about getting my body used to running in not only a forward direction again but also being outside – in the elements – in the early morning.

CT Winter Warrior Challenge

I mean – last time I was running outside was July and it was hot as balls.

Now – not so much.  Mother nature has decided to remind us New Englanders what winter is really about – so layering (and handwarmers) have been key!

Guys – it’s been tough – I am not going to lie.  In the days and weeks since my “comeback” I have realized that running is hard.

But nothing worth doing is easy, am I right???

Yes – I used the elliptical and bike while I was “off running “ and religiously doing my PT exercises but what I have come to realize is that running really is the perfect form of cardiovascular exercise.  The indoor cardio machines are good AND I did get a good sweat on – in fact it was key for keeping me unslothlike (is that even a word) BUT the physical activity of putting one foot in front of the other and knowing that if you don’t do that you are going no where really resonates with me.

As the days have worn on, I have gotten back into a rhythm although now my routine definitely includes exercises and movements to warm up my hip so that I am not running “tight and cold”.  It’s made a world of difference.

It has not all been rainbows and puppies however and there have been days when my hip and I have woken up not on the same page.  Soreness and discomfort I have realized are part of the recovery but it has been listening to my body and knowing that it’s OK to take a rest day or go a little slower than I would normal go on my run.

Currently my max running streak is 3 days – coach and I are still being conservative in that respect.

I want to push it but not push it too hard if that makes sense.  I have gotten over my fear (for the most part) of re-tearing my labrum, although I have feeling when I start speed work that fear might creep back in my consciousness.

However – Coach and I have decided (really he had told me and I agree) that we keep increasing mileage and time on feel until about late February /early March and then head to the next level – quality workouts.

The plan (barring any roadblocks) is to run a Spring Half marathon but ultimately the big race is this fall – Marine Corps Marathon.  I had to defer last year but luckly I am planning on being part of the 2018 class – HO RAH!

So where am I now???

Well I am happy to report that I am up to running 4-5 miles a day – and that might not seem like a lot BUT they are pain-free miles and that is not something I can honestly say I have felt since April 2017.

5 miles

My speed is slowly coming back – I started back in November running a 10:30-11:00 minute mile.  It crushed me a bit as before the injury my easy running pace was in the high 8s; low 9s.  “These things take time” both my surgeon and husband told me time and time again – and you know what they were right.  As of now – I am happy to report that my pace is back to the low 9s.

AND Mark and I are also participating in the Sound Runner Winter Warrior Challenge with Harley for the 2nd straight year, which to be honest has been a bit brutal as I mentioned the weather has not been the best.

BUT I have been out there every day – yes even when the temps have been below zero- and have been helped immensely by hand warmers as well as my Freesteps6 by Hillsound (review to come in my next post).

I really don’t know how I survived New England winters to this point without them.  Seriously, they have been lifesavers during some snow and ice.   The amount of traction and stability that they provide is incredible!  Even Mark is find with me running in some questionable conditions – as longs as I wear my Freesteps6.

So that’s where I am.

I excited that I can load all my running apps back on my phone.

I am happy that I get a new training plan each week that is now based on mileage and not minutes.

AND happy to feel invigorated after an early morning run where the sun is just peeking out over the horizon as I finish a run. 

So – onward we go!


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    So glad to hear you are back at it again — and PAIN FREE! You must be thrilled to be back in action, despite the weather!

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    4-5 miles a day DOES seem like a lot! lol

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    Hi there from the UK. I was just wondering how you are getting along? I am day 6 post-op from a labral repair and CAM decompression. Thanks for your blog – it has been helpful to read. Are you still pain free when you run? I worry I won’t be able to get back to my usual workouts and running but your blog gives me hope. Dawn xx

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    Ah I found you on Insta so I’ll follow you there. Thanks, Dawn xx


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