State of Running – Different Year…Same Situation…

State of Runnning

Guys -last week was as some would say “a week” – a week where posting something on Instagram would probably not give the full picture, so I  figured it was time to dust off the ol’ Blog update everyone (including myself) as to where I am in life & the pursuit of running the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon on October 27th – which I just realized is almost 60 days away.  EEK!

So as many of you know – I gained automatic entry into the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon by running the MCM 17.75km race back in March (post).  Although I did not have the marathon I was hoping for in 2018 at Marine Corps – I really loved the race and wanted that to be my focus for the rest of the year.

Things were going great – I ran a great Spring Half at Cheshire (recap) and a pretty good race at the Amica Iron Horse Half (recap).  However, what not many people knew was that also during that time I was dealing with some life stresses with my dad’s health that probably took more of a toll on my mental well being then I realized at the time.

In June I was out for a morning run  when all of a sudden (out of nowhere really) I got a familiar feeling in my stomach and gut area.  Luckily, I was by a school with a port a potty and made it there in the nick of time.

At the time I did not think anything of it – I mean what runner hasn’t  had a similar situation. BUT it was not an isolated incident and the signs, symptoms and problems that I dealt with last year started rearing their ugly head again.

Yup – my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is back, and back with a vengence.

So it was back to Connecticut GI where, after several attempts to calm my UC with the medication that worked last year failed, I was put on a “short Prednisone” regimen.  I had heard the horror stories about being on this medication but if it meant that the inflammation and all the other “good” things that come along with a UC flare could be calmed I was willing to try it.

Well it did not work  – but I was still running and doing the workouts (to the best of my ability) all throughout it.  Luckily this was happening during the summer and luckily I live near some schools and parks – so my running routes could be adjusted easily. 

Quality session were relegated to the local track because I knew that it was a sure bet that I would always have to stop at some point due to cramps, nausea or something else.

I also changed my diet – a trial and error effort that I am still working on, and added a ton of vitamins.  People marvel at my “self-control” but little do they know it’s not really a choice per se. I really hate it when people tell me what to “not” eat or drink – little do they know how much I have cut out.

This summer has had it’s challenges to be sure – any where I went I always had to be cognizant of what I ate, when I ate it and where the closest bathroom was.  Definitely not ideal when you are visiting friends, camping, or sharing a house with 20 other people, but somehow I dealt with it.

Before I left for vacation in July I had a follow-up with my GI doctor, who after I explained that the short Prednisone dosage did not really do anything, told me to up the dose (right now I am on 40mg per day) to see if that would help my symptoms.

Well I am hear to tell you that it has not – so after expressing my frustration (yes I have their office on speed dial) – I was finally cleared for a colonoscopy (almost a year to the day I had it last).

I will spare you the details on the prep – luckily it was Sunday when I did mine but I at least got some answers.  My UC is “mild to moderate”, worse then it was this time last year, BUT the biopsies came back benign. The only hiccup my doctor said was that the polyps that he saw were further up the colon then last time “opening the door” to the possibility that I might have Chrone’s – FML.

Post-Colonsoscopy Food is the BEST!

So – with all this information (and the fact that all this Prednisone I am consuming daily is not working) I will be hopefully (with Health Insurance approval) be starting a biologic within the next couple of weeks.  Although until then I have to remain on my current medication regimen.

It’s definitely not where I thought I would be in my marathon training.

I have definitely been frustrated a lot this week. Mainly just mad at my body for fighting me, as I try my hardest to fight back.

I know there is a mind-body connection and I definitely think the stress of my dad’s illness and ultimate passing in July might have lead to the recurrence of my UC but ENOUGH ALREADY.


I am tired of having to prepare for my run and be cognizant of where I am running and when I get that “feeling” in my gut because I know what is coming.

I have been pretty positive throughout this but this week I might have cried a bit during one of my workouts – keep showing up is great and all but I would rather just not have to show up with bathroom supplies – It’s just embarrassing.

So that’s where I am – I refuse to give up and will make it to the 2019 MCM.  My body just needs to start cooperating and hopefully once the infusions start I can start feeling more like myself again.  



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  • Oh, Anne, I am so sorry to hear this and hoping it is just a flare up that needs to run its course, and not Crohns.

    When I first read your caption on IG I thought maybe your hip tear was acting up, so I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not to hear otherwise.

    Thinking of you, and hoping your on your way to great health.


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