State of Running – February Edition


Yes, dear readers I have returned to the word of running and runners.  If you will recall from my January post – I was diagnosed with a partially torn Plantar Fascia and told to be “off running” for 4 weeks.

I heeded the doctor’s advice (probably due to the fact that Mark was at the appointment with me) and was the best patient I could be.

It was hard – let me tell you – the weather in Connecticut for the ENTIRE month of January was pretty temperate and here I was slugging away on the elliptical, swimming in the pool or strength training.  While many of my friends were completing January Winter Warrior Challenges I was experiencing my own challenges – not trying to do more than I was supposed to.

Runners who don't run...Strength Train
Runners who don’t run…Strength Train

BUT – I held strong, did what I was supposed to do and let my foot heal.  I even went so far as to give my foot an extra week – just to be on the safe side.

State of Running - February 2016
Running!!! Excitment!!!

So last week, after work I ran for 20 minutes – 20 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  RUNNING!!!!! As most of us runners know when you come back from an injury the first run is the best and worst thing in the world.  Best because – well you are running.  Worst because depending on how much time you have taken off, your cardiovascular endurance no matter how much elliptical or swimming one does can be pretty low.

I am sure I could have “pushed it” on the elliptical by doing intervals, etc but the point of this hiatus was to let my foot heal and in order to do this I just had to slug it out and bide my time.

I headed out very conscious of my foot – trying to make sure everything felt ok and that if it did not – although I would be crushed I would have stopped.  The 20 minutes went by without incident but I was toast at the end – my plans to extend the run beyond the 20 minute limit that had been agreed upon by the running czar and myself were quickly dashed.  I was happy to get home.

My pace was an eye opener – 10:45 – woof!  But as I posted on Instagram – we all have to start somewhere, and for me my baseline was 10:45.

It has slowly gotten better over the past 2 weeks.  My pace is now at a 9:30 – I am sure I could “push it” to 9:00 but I am not ready to yet.  I am getting my running legs back under me, slowly, and this time making sure continue my strengthening and cross training.

I also have begun to look at races again – something I shied away from during my running hiatus and have even begun the process of looking for a fall marathon (I know I just can’t quit them).

So that’s where I am right now getting back into the swing of things, running slow and steady but moving forward and getting stronger.

Goals!  Man, I still have them and now I can start #doingthework to #keepmovingforward

Just because I am "back running" does not mean strength training will stop.
Just because I am “back running” does not mean strength training will stop.


  1. Mark

    Great start but keep up the strength and core training. It’s more important than the running training. Love the Czar! 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Good for you! Getting back into the swing can be so hard after an injury! Don’t push too hard.

    1. Avatar

      I know but it’s been so hard, however I have been getting better at listening to my body tell me how it’s “really” feeling. Slow and steady!

  3. Avatar

    That was me last year! I remember my first run, 3 miles, felt so good yet so bad!!!

  4. Avatar

    I am SO envious of your running ability as I can’t run to save my life. Congrats on being back at it!

  5. Avatar

    Yay! Congrats to being back on the road! I will keep my fingers crossed for more relatively mild weather (no such luck this weekend though!).

  6. Avatar

    Glad you listened to your body and everyone else and took the time to heal. (and just in time for this arctic blast!).


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