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Still Hill Brewery


If you follow me on one of the many social platforms I am involved in, you will know that I love a good cold mug of beer.

I have to thank my good friend Jodi Wilson for opening my eyes to the wonderful world of craft beer several years ago during our first meeting.  It’s a story for another post, but long story short, I had flown out to Wisconsin to be a part a team for Ragnar Chicago (aka Beer and Cheese Make Us Fartlek).  I had randomly found this team on a Ragnar Facebook page – they were looking for a running and I thought it would be fun to run a Ragnar in another state.

BUT – I did not know anyone on my team and throughout the course or the teams correspondence up to the date of the race – Jodi was nice enough to house this “stranger” for the weekend.

After I arrived we headed to one of her favorite watering holes (which I believe sadly is no longer in business) where nary a Bud or Miller were in sight.  Flabbergasted I asked the kind bartender to give me a beer that “resembled” the taste of Blue Moon (the only beer I could think of off the top of my head).  What I was presented with was a Goose Island Sofia.  My mind was blown and I pretty much never looked back.

That being said – I had been following Still Hill Brewery on social media since my husband first showed me an article about a “new brewery” that was looking to open in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.  For month’s I followed their Instagram and Facebook pages awaiting news of when they might open.  Pretty soon the brewery was taking shape and last spring, Still Hill Brewery set up a Kickstarter Campaign to raise some additional funds to make their brewery a reality.

Mark and I did donate and were so stoked when they not only met but exceeded their goal of raising $15,000.00.

Donating enough so that we could each get a Founder’s mug (and some other pretty cool swag)that would be proudly displayed at the brewery – I was excited to have a place that I could hang my hat (or coat) and be known as a “mug club” member.

Still Hill Brewery Swag
Still Hill Brewery Swag



Finally, I got word that Still Hill Brewery would have it’s opening last Thursday.  There was no doubt that a trip was going to be made to claim our mug, congratulate the owners and in reality have some beer.

I guess I should not have been shocked when we arrived around 6pm (they were open until 8pm that night) and the place was literally packed.  Finally finding a place to park – Mark and I headed in and squeezed our way to the bar.

Our mugs and swag were quickly retrieved and while we were waiting Mark and I split a flight of their beers – for taste testing and to figure out which beer would make it’s inaugural pour into our mugs.

Honestly – all the beers were quite good.  A solid line-up for this fledgling brewery.

Flight of Beers at Still Hill Brewery
FLight of Beers at Still Hill Brewery

We were able to sample the Red Storm Ryseing (Red Ale), Still Hill APA (American Pale Ale), Sluggy Buggy (Oatmeal Stout) and their IPA and of those four, my favorite had to be the Still Hill APA (easy drinking with no aftertaste) with the IPA a close second.

And what was even a greater surprise was that I ran into my old running coach and friend Nathan Cropper who was passing through on his way to Vermont.  There was no way I could have planned this.  It was so good to see him, have a pint and talk all thinkgs life and running.  I had not seen him (or his wife Emily) in over a year, but we picked back up and I had a wonderful surprise visit with them.

Nathan and I at Still Hill Opening Night
Nathan and I at Still Hill Opening Night

Although Still Hill Brewery is located in an industrial part and the feel is a bit industrial, the space is gordeous with a spectacular hand painted mural of the logo, a reclaimed wood bar and several tables and chairs.

The staff did a great job at keeping up with demand, although my only complaint was that I was charged for 2 beers that I did not purchase – minor error that is understandable given the amount of people there.

I am sure this won’t be a problem when I head back to Still Hill Brewery in the future – sidling up to the  bar, being recognized as a “mug club” patron, and claiming my frosty of locally brewed beer.

Official Mug Club Members!
Official Mug Club Members!




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