Stitch Fix Unveiling – January 2016

Stitch Fix #2 – January 2016

Although it’s only my second month – I have come to look forward to my monthly Stitch Fix.

Stitchfix 2 boxSort of Opened Stitchfix Box

Once again my stylist – Stephanie provided me with a great styling card and styling options.  I had added more pins to my “Fashion/Beauty” board and was curious to see if she would actually look at my “likes” and outfit ideas.

My January 2016

Well I am happy to report she did!  My box contained the following

– Gates Hooded Open Cardigan
– Woodburn Lace Back Knit Top
– Talar Split Neck Top
– Anita Skinny Pant
– Sutro Open Knit Infinity Scarf

Box of Stitch Fix 2 Stitchfix unvieling

When I initially took it out of the box I loved all the pieces that Stephanie chose for my Stitch Fix box – with the exception of the Anita Skinny Pant.  I am a bit hippy and skinny pants and I have really not seen eye to eye (meaning  I hate the way they look on me) but Mark said to give it a chance.  More like “Try it, you might actually like it”.

So without further ado – here is the reveal of my January 2016 Stitchfix (Excuse the “I Love To Run” socks)

OUTFIT #1 – Anita Skinny Pant and Woodburn Lace Black Knit Top

Front of Outfit 1
Note to self – have more than one picture taken before you change outfits.
Jan 2016 Outfit 1
Lace detail for the win!


I love this outfit – Mark did too – until I turned around and he saw he lace detail.  That was my favorite part of this shirt and after a bit, it grew on Mark.  He is of the “why can’t a shirt just be a shirt” mentality so Stitchfix is expanding his fashion horizons as well!

And guess what – I really liked the Anita Skinny Pant – more so than I thought.  I think the longer shirt help to camouflage my hips.

Both of these pieces were keepers – I just need to find some shoes to pair with the Anita Skinny Pant.


OUTFIT #2 – Gates Hooded Open Cardigan

Outfit 3 Large and in Charge

Sorry – but as much as I LOVEd the feel of this cardigan, once I put it on, not so much.  It is one of those pieces that looked better on the styling card and in the box then on me.  I just wish it was a bit more tapered around the waist because it just made me look too boxy.

Boo – this was returned.

Outfit #3 – Suturo Open Knit Infinity Scarf paired with Talar Split Nick Top

Outfit 2Outfit 4

You can’t really tell but as with the Gates Hooded Open Cardigan the Talar Split Neck Top was just a bit too boxy to wear on its own in my opinion.  The styling card said to pair under a sweater but I am not really a shirt/sweater gal.  This was returned

The Sutro Open Knit Infinity Scarf – definitely a keeper.  I am so into scarves lately and I loved that this was an infinity scarf with some funky woven detail.  I added it to my Woodburn Lace Back Knit Top and my Anita Skinny Pant and I have a complete outfit.  To me that is a win!

So 3 of the 5 outfits were added to my wardrobe – not bad!  And in all honesty the ones that I decided to return were not because the clothing did not fit my style but because of sizing issues.  I feel that Stephanie really “listened” to me, got me both pieces I would buy on my own and one that I would not even given a second chance.

Can’t wait to see what Stitchfix has in store for me next month!!!


  1. Avatar

    Love this Anne!! What great picks! (& pics!)

  2. Avatar

    Yay! Glad you found some items you like! I’m also in a scarf phase right now 🙂

  3. Avatar

    They look good on u and how did u get into this program or who much did it coast to sign up?

    1. Avatar

      Jennifer – here is how one of my friends Sandra C. described it. It pretty much sums it up!

      you sign up and fill out a style profile. If you don’t have one create a style Pinterest board that has pins of your favorite looks. You can find these pins already on Pinterest or pin picture URLs you find.
      You can include the URL of your Pinterest board in your Stitchfix profile.

      You then set up a delivery. You can do automatic (every 2/3 weeks up to every 6 months) or you set it up manually and you go in and choose when you want the stitch fix. You then set up the day for delivery.

      Make sure you use my referral code. She’ll get s credit when you get your first stitch fix.
      You pay $20 styling fee for each stitch fix. That $20 is good to use towards any item you buy in the stitch fix. If you return them all you lose the $20.
      You set up the date of your stitch fix. You have three days to decide what you keep. They give you a prepaid postage bag to send back anything you don’t like.

      Hope this helps – let me know if you have any other questions!

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    I think I need to jump on the StitchFix band wagon – been hearing lots of good thing!

    1. Avatar

      You should – the great thing about it is if you don’t like it, there is no obligatory period to remain a member.

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    I love what you picked! So happy you are jumping on the leggings bandwagon! They look great on you and I loveeee that top! 🙂

  6. Avatar

    Great picks! I love, love, love that infinity scarf! Great color!


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