Stitch Fix Unvieling – March 2016

Stitch Fix #4 – March 2016

I don’t know about you but this week the weather has been all over the place.  From rain on Saturday to a freak snowstorm on Monday – this month is off to a really crazy climatic start.

That being said – the only consistent thing of late – is that I know at the end of each month I will receive my monthly Stitch Fix.  I admit that this month I held onto (and did not open) the box for a couple of days – waiting for the perfect time to have my little “Christmas” moment.

Stitchfix 2 box

My stylist Tiffany (whom possibly replaced my prior stylist) provided me with a great styling card and styling options.  I had added more pins to my “Fashion/Beauty” board and was curious to see if she would actually look at my “likes” and outfit ideas.

Well I am happy to report she did!  My box contained the following:

– Bancroft Leighton Silver Metal Bauble Necklace
– Kut From the Cloth Grey Rose Bootcut Pant
– Fate Remmy Black V-Neck Top
–  41Hawthron Light PinkKeziah Shirt Dress
– Skies are Blue  NavyCaspian Scallop Trim Cardigan

When I took the pieces out of the box I immediately loved all the pieces chosen for my Stitch Fix.   I really felt that my stylist listened to me and looked at my Pinterest Board.  This was a complete contrast to the past couple of months where there has been at least one or two pieces that I said “meh” before even trying them on.   BUT I always did because, for me, I love the idea of trying (and liking) something I would never even consider buying myself.

So without further ado – here is the reveal of my March 2016 Stitchfix (Excuse the Pink Smartwool  socks)

OUTFIT #1 – 41Hawthorn LIght Pink Keziah Shirt Dress

Stitch Fix #1 - Blog

I loved this outfit, especially the color – until I put it on.  What you can’t tell from the picture is that it had a wierd elastic around the waist which I could not figure out how to adjust to make it look flattering.  The pockets were also a bit off putting but if I could have figured out how to wear the dress, the pockets would have been a non-issue. –

Verdict – RETURN

OUTFIT #2 – 41Hawthorn Keziah Shirt Dress with SKies are Blue Caspian Scallop Trim Cardigan and Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace

Stitch Fix #3-blog

I love, love, love (did I say LOVE) cardigans and surprisingly do not have one in navy (Shocker, I know!) Paired with the dress – I almost changed my mind and kept it but a look from Mark told me – if I did not love it, the dress would become one of those back of the closet pieces everyone owns.  I also loved the necklace but decided to return it as well – not because I did not like it (it is totally my style) but due to budgetary reason

Verdict – KEEP (Cardigan) and RETURN (Dress)

Outfit #3 – Kut From The Kloth Grey Rose Bootcut Pan with Rate Black Remmy V-Neck Top and Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace

Stitch Fix #2 - Blog

Being a bit “hippy” I usually have a pretty tough time finding pants that look good, fit property and are also comfortable.  As soon as I put these on I knew these pants checked off all the boxes!   Paired with the black top (tucked in) turned both pieces into a great work outfit.  However I had to return the top because I am not a very big fan of tucked-in shirts.  I tried to wear the top (not pictured) untucked but I just did not like the way it fell at my hips.  I would have totally kept it if it could have been worn untucked.

Verdict – KEEP (Pants) and RETURN (Top)

So 2 of the 5 outfits were added to my wardrobe – not bad!

Can’t wait to see what Stitchfix has in store for me next month!!!

**Edited to add – Thanks to my photographer Mark for the pictures – hopefully next month we can take them outside.




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