Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Muffins

“How do you solve a problem like….Rhubarb?”

That was the question I asked myself as I headed to pick up my second Spring Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box at Beckett Farms.

As a child rhubarb had never been part of my food lexicon. To be honest I have never even had a piece of one the most famous uses of rhubarb – Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

That’s what I love about our CSA.  I pretty much have no idea until I receive my “What’s In The Box” e mail, as to the produce I will be bringing home.  It’s been a great way for Mark and I to try a lot of “New To Us” items that we probably would not have willingly purchased ourselves.

I picked up my box and took a bite of what I can only describe as a very strong, tart taste.  On the drive home, I realized that I probably and set out to find a way to make it more palatable for both myself and my husband.

A quick check on Wikipedia confirmed it’s taste profile as well as the fact that many of the recipes include it’s stalks being cut into small pieces and boiled in water with added sugar.  That made sense because sugar makes everything more palatable.

In search of a recipe that did not contain a lot of sugar, I decided to make some mini muffins, which are a great “on the go” snack.  Portable and small -mini muffins are great travel food.

BUT I had a hard time finding a low sugar, low fat recipe so I took it upon myself to take this recipe from Kitchme and modify it.

The resulting mini muffins were delicious AND my concern that the rhubarb would still be tart after only 10 minutes in the oven was unfounded.  My taste testers – a co-worker and my husband – could not even taste the rhubarb (or what they thought rhubarb tasted like.)



Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Muffins




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