Summer Running – My 5 Essential Items

Summer and running go hand and hand for many of us but it’s a completely different beast when it comes to what you use in order for the miles to be a bit more bearable.  It’s these days, weeks and months of slogging the miles that makes those fall goals more attainable.

Some of us head to the treadmill to escape the heat but if you are like me you hit the pavement.

That being said – here is a list of 5 of the items I consider necessary for me to continue to pound the pavement day in and day out.

Summer Running Gear

*Polarized Sunglasses – I love my visor in the summer time but there is something about that extra added protection from the sun that makes sunglasses essential to me.  I do use “regular” sunglasses on occasion but for me my polarized Oakley sunglasses get a lot of wear as well.  I even use them in the winter – to protect my eyes from the snow glare (but that is a post for another time).

*Hydration belt – I don’t like to run with a lot of “stuff” but this is the one thing that is on me as my mileage increases.  I know a lot of runners stash water in various locations (and I do that as well) but I like the idea of having something in a pinch if need be.

*Nuun – Hot weather and dehydration can go hand in hand.  I am a very salty sweater and know that when I come back in from a run that I need to replace the electrolytes that I have lost.  I am not a big Gatorade or sports drink type of gal but the one thing that I swear by are my Nuun tablets.  They have come a long way from when I first started running.  For about 15 calories – they help me start the rehydration process as soon as  I walk through the door.  They come in a variety of flavors and don’t taste as bad as they once did

*Huma gels – When I first started running I loved the sugary, sweet gels during my long runs.  They were the sugar rush when I needed it but over time I started eating less processed sugar and these gels just became too sweet.  Last year, I experimented with these chia based gels during my long runs.  Not as sweet, they still pack that carbohydrate punch that long distance runners need.  They come in a variety of fruit as well as a caffeinated Mocha (my favorite) one.

* Ipod – I am a solo runner (for the most part) so this item is essential to me not only on race day but in my day to day running life.  I love downloading podcasts and can go through a lot as I pile on the marathon training miles.  Some people can run without music but not me, it helps me zone out which for an easy run and focus during those quality workouts.  I just have to make sure I keep it charged.

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