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McKirdy Mile #2 – Recap & A HUGE Rookie Mistake

…The Story Thus Far…

This past weekend Mark (aka The Running Czar) and I tackled our 2nd 1 mile time trial as part McKirdy Mile race series. Two weeks ago (recap here) we completed our first 1 mile time trial and since then my quality workouts have been focused on developing a bit more “pop” in my step. My easy run have hovered around 50-ish minutes and my quality workout have centered around quick bursts of speed inter-disbursed with recovery. As someone who is used to longer distances that focus on a specific pace – I dare say that these workouts have been “fun”.

I’m still feeling good (yeah Remicade) so I have also taken these past two weeks to be more “watch cognizant “. Meaning – instead of going balls to the ball – actually looking at my watch to hone on the prescribed paces. I admit it’s still a work in progress.

The running czar has also been upping his mileage (up to 3x per week). He’s found (I think) it to be a good stress reliever breaking up the day when he works from home. He’s not doing any speed work per se but he has definitely gotten more consistent.

The 1 Mile Time Trial (McKirdy Mile #2)

So heading out to the race course (aka Old Wethersfield), we both felt pretty good. Actually – Mark was find and I was a bundle of nerves. At the end of the day I am only racing myself but I still find that when I have to “perform” II get nervous.

We parked at our usual spot and did our 2 mile warm up, active stretching and striders. The night before Mark had suggested starting before me, so that he could be my “rabbit”. I chuckled but did not think that was a bad idea.

The plan was to NOT RUN LIKE A HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN (coaches words not mine). To run at a controlled 7ish pace for the first 1/2 mile to have gas in the tank for the back 1/2 mile. He also had me change my lap splits to a 1/4 mile to pace myself better and again not run like a high school freshman.

After a bit of procrastination (i.e. a pee break) Mark headed off and I soon afterwards. The weather was a bit warmer but just as breezy as 2 weeks ago. By “trying” to listen to coach I checked my watch and read between a 6:55 and 7ish – so I was right on pace.

My lungs burned but not as bad as they did two weeks ago so I pushed on.

Coming down the back half of the mile I held off looking at my watch until I about about 3/4 mile in. When I did I did a double take because what my appeared on my watch face was the time of day NOT the time/pace I was running.


Many expletives were shouted both in my mind and out loud as I crossed the “finish line”. After an explanation to Mark as to what happened his first words to me were “Let’s Do It Again”.

Really – Again. FML

BUT being a Type A (wanting my time to count) – I did the slow walk of shame to run it again. In the end – not too shabby. As you can see from my splits I had a questionable 1/4 mile where my mind wandered a bit.

I ended the day with a respectable 7:08. That’s pretty good in my book considering I ran a hard mile less than 20 minutes before.

So What Did We (I) Learn From McKirdy Mile #2

Well first and foremost – MAKE SURE YOU START YOUR DAMN WATCH. I am amazed at what happened. Although in hindsight IF I realized I had not started prior to when I did, I probably would have just stopped running. So kudos for “just running”.

Second – if you don’t start your watch, make sure you run the time trial by yourself. If not, you will probably have to do it again. Seriously though – thanks to Mark for gently pushing me to do it again, AND also for running it again himself. Little did he know what he was getting himself into with this race series.

Third – my workouts are making a difference. If I was able to (I think) run a sub-7 minute mile AND then run a 7:08 for my 2nd one mile time trial – wow!

And Fourth (and seriously NOT least) – always plan your race routes somewhere to have some good sips and eats afterwards. I was honestly dreaming of re-hydrating with Comstock Faire’s “Red Juice” during both mile repeats.

So there you have it my recap in a nutshell. The outcome was unexpected, but I’m not mad at it. I am realizing that is one of the cool things about the mile. In those 7ish minutes there is a lot that can be learned.

Onward we go!