Three Things Thursday


It’s a dreary day in the Nutmeg State (aka Connecticut) so in an attempt to brighten things up I am going to attempt my first “Three Things Thursday” – an exercise that has been floating around the blogosphere for years.

Thanks to Nerd In the Brain for reminding me that even though the weather might not be a perfect 10 – that is no reason why I can’t complete this exercise in gratitude and “fill my blog with happy”.

And now…drumroll please…..


I have been a bit bummed recently, I had been dealing with minor plantar fasciitis (PF) since August and had “managed” to keep it at bay in order to run the NYC Marathon this past November.  Of all the parts of me that hurt at the end of that race (recap to come) my  PF was not one of them.  However, afterwards my body decided that I was done with training (and I probably did not take my PF therapy as serious) so all bets were off and I have been dealing with some nasty PF flare ups since then – to the point where I finally broke down and had to get orthotics.  

Soooo – I have been a bit bummed about running (especially with the weather being so warm) but I was super surprised (and stoked) to open my e mail this morning before a drizzly warmish run to see that I have been chosen as a #NuunAmbassador for 2016.

I have loved their hydration products for many years – honestly those tablets (Grape and Strawberry Lemonade are my favorites) have helped me recover much better after some long hot runs this past summer.

I look forward to sharing the #Nuunlove with everyone during this upcoming year!

Warm Weather

I swear I cannot believe that it is December 17th, with the exception of a couple of days, the weather has been downright tropical for this time of year.  I am not really complaining though – it’s made it nice to not have to layer up to run and has allowed me to avoid the dreaded treadmill.

I do wish for a bit of snow – I mean it is Christmas next week – BUT I know it is just around the corner.  I mean, this IS New England.


Thank god for running (and being active in general) – cuz there are so much cookie goodness in my house right now, it is a bit ridiculous.  It’s been a nice treat to sit down with a cookie (or two) at the end of the night.

Mark is loving this because we normally don’t have a lot of sweets in the house.

So I am enjoying this time because there is no other time of the year when we have no less than 10 different types of baked goods in the house.

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  1. Mark

    Another great post….thank you for sharing and love the new badge….very cool!!


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