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NYCM Bib Pick Up
NYCM Bib Pick Up

Hi and Thanks for stopping by to my little part of the Blogosphere.

As opposed to writing a quick bio where I am “borrowing” my list that I created for my Yelp on-line profile so you, the reader, can learn a bit more about this Red Headed Runner and Blogger.
Things I Love
Traveling without a map, off the beaten path attractions, farm to table, comfort food, running, self -erve fro-yo, runcations, craft beer, pork belly, wine and peanut butter

Find Me In
A pony tail and running shorts or tights (depending on the season)

Where I Rest My Head
Central Connecticut

When I’m Not Blogging…
I’m running……literally

Why You Should Read My Blog
I’m cool like that!

My Second Favorite Website
UberSocial (to keep track of my tweeps)

My First Concert
Dave Matthews Band

My Favorite Movie
My Blue Heaven or Any High School Romance

My Last Meal On Earth
Art Smith’s Mac & Cheese, Fried Chicken & NORA cupcakes (ALL OF THEM)

Don’t Tell Anyone Else But…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE trashy reality television!

Most Recent Discovery
Pork belly sliders and eggs toppings on EVERYTHING

Current Crush
My Husband aka “The Running Czar”