Washing Workout Clothes – 6 Tips

Let’s be honest, workout clothes can get gross, and sometimes they need to be deep cleaned.  This is especially true in the summer.  With the exception of one or two runs, I cannot think of a recent run where did not come home a sweaty mess.
BUT, we spend too much money on our workout attire to have have our workout gear pill and fade after only a couple of washes.  So can we extend the life of our workout clothes.
WELL, the fine folks at Harper Knit have compiled a couple of great tips to help your workout clothes last until YOU are ready to send them into retirement.

Washing Workout Clothes – 6 Tips

 Washing Workout Clothes 1. DON’T use extra detergent. I know, I know your shorts smell foul after a good run, but extra detergent doesn’t always rinse out completely. Your washer only puts in enough water to wash out a set amount of detergent, and the excess gets left behind in your clothes creating a perfect environment for fungal growth, which can lead to a mildew-type odor.

2. DON’T use fabric softener. I don’t use fabric softener on any of my clothes, but if you do, leave it out in your workout wash. Fabric softener works by coating the clothing, and this coating can trap in those dirty smells you are trying to get rid of. Also, this coating can build up over time and ruin the materials.

3. Reverse, Reverse. Turn all your workout clothes inside out before throwing them in the washer. This will help protect the color, and most of the sweat and stench is on the inside of the clothing anyways.

4. Soak it. If odor is a huge issue for you, try soaking your gear in cold water and ½ a cup of vinegar before washing. This helps eliminate those bad odors, so you don’t have to overload on the detergent.

5. Cold water. Always wash your items in cold water. This is going to prevent shrinkage and the break down of materials.

6. Fresh air. ALWAYS air-dry your workout clothes. Most places are going to tell you just to use low heat and no dryer sheets, but if you really want to prevent against pilling, air-drying is your only safe bet.

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    Great tips! Mine are always soaked. Another tip, wash right away! Do not let it sit in your home for days! 🙂


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