State of Running – Why I Am “Falling” In Love Running Again

state-of-running-november-editionHappy Sunday!

It’s been a little bit since I posted but if you follow me on social media (here and here), you know I am alive an well.

I just wanted to check in quickly with my monthly “state of running” post.

I know, I have been lax the past couple of months and have not written said post, but I am back!

It’s been 2 months since I ran my 4th marathon but that does not mean I have stopped running.  On the contrary, my running has been very consistent and currently I am training to RACE the Manchester Road Race on Thanksgiving morning.

Those in Connecticut who know this race, might think this is a crazy idea BUT I think as long as I get to the front of my corral I have a pretty good chance to be able to put the “pedal to the medal” as they say.  Don’t worry – there will be a race recap afterwards :).

That being said – the weather in Connecticut has been glorious lately.  I know most people hate daylight saving time BUT for a morning runner it’s great!  The weather might be a bit cooler, BUT for us morning runners, we have been blessed with some gorgeous sunrises.state-of-running-i

This combination of weather along with my training plan over  the past couple of weeks, which has helped me fall back into love with running.

Training for a marathon is hard – and can beat up even the most seasoned marathoner.  I am not a seasoned marathoner by any stretch of the imagination BUT doing quality workouts with mile repeats week in and week out can be repetitive and tiring.

BUT with my next marathon not scheduled until May 2017 AND only 1 more race scheduled for 2016, the focus of my workouts has changed.

Yes – I am still running about 30 miles a week and my quality workouts are still intense BUT they have been kinder on my body.

For now I can still get in 5-6 daily miles before work and know that when I have a quality session on the scheduled it will be intense but the duration of the workout will be less.state-of-running-ii

For me – that has been one of the advantages of working with Coach James – the knowledge that there is always “a plan”.  It’s such a difference from the last couple of years, when after I ran my fall marathon, I floundered on what to do next.

Now, there is no “what if’s”, and what this has been replaced with is a constant drive to keep moving forward and get better.

I mean – I don’t know the last time I was on the track in November doing a quality session like I did this morning.  Granted – it’s Sunday but rest assured I have been on the track before work as well.state-of-running-iii

So – that’s where I am this month.

Running around but running with a purpose.state-of-running-iiii



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