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There are two types of runners.  Those who run with music and those whom can move to the sound of nature that surrounds them.

I have tried but I have never really found the “zen” that those running without music rave about.  I use music to motivate, move and express how I am feeling.Wraps 1

I also try and take some time during the day to go for a walk – it’s a good way to clear my mind and destress and yes I still listen to music, although through my phone

BUT – the problem that I have is taking but then 9 times out of 10, forgetting my headphones at work.  The next morning I struggle to find an alternative “cast off” pair that hardly ever stay in my ears – ARGHHHHH!

I could bring these “cast off” headphones to work but I still want the music I listen to be crystal clear.  The other problem with a lot of the headphones I have tried in the past – is that when I pull them from my gym bag or purse, they are a tangly mess – there is nothing worse than having to spend a frustrating 5 minutes detangling your headphones.

So, when the makers of Wraps Wristband Headphones – offered to send me a sample to try out – I jumped at the chance.Wraps Headphones 2Wraps Headphones 3

Combining fashion and technology – Wraps headphones are a great alternative to securely wear your headphones when you are not using them.  In no time at all, however, this fashion accessory can be transformed into headphones.  According to their marketing team –

When worn on the wrist, the unique patented slider system keeps the lightweight matte heads, slider and jack plug all connected together for a secure compact fit. The cables are kept in perfect alignment and that’s how they remain tangle-free.

That’s all well and good – but sometimes what is written about a product does not always ring true when used by the buyer.

So – with a weeks worth of training ahead of me last week – I decided to test out Wraps headphones for myself.

Wednesday was my first attempt at wearing Wraps headphones –  I headed to the track and put them in during my warm up – after a little bit of getting used to (the cord was a bit bulky as I had to attach it to my IPod) I was treated to crystal clear sound.

I took them out for the speed portion of my workout and put them back on for my cooldown – I was sweaty and knew it would be a good test to see if Wrap stayed put.  Unfortunately I “ran” into a problem – one of the ear buds kept falling out.  I feared that it would be a “wrap” for Wraps headphones until I paused, grabbed the package and realized that Wraps comes with two additional ear bud sizes.  Crisis averted!  Smaller ear buds were attached and it made a world of difference.  They stayed in and with the exception of the long cord – I was able to complete my cooldown bopping along to my own beat.Head wraps

I wore them again on Friday for an easy run and from start to finish they stayed in and the sound was crystal clear!
Wraps Headphones 5

Over the weekend I wore them on my wrist to check out the “fashion accessory portion of Wraps claim to fame.  I struggled with adjusting them to my wrist but a quick trip to their website (and their video tutorial) helped me figure out how to turn the headphones into a bracelet.  Since wraps are light weight, I never felt anything heavy on my wrist while wearing them.  Their unique patented slider system kept the lightweight ear buds, slider and jack plug all connected for a secure compact fit.  Even better the cables were kept in perfect alignment – allowing them to remain tangle free.Wraps 7Wraps 8

Although the Wraps were passing with flying colors, my next test was the “bottom of the purse” test.  Would they remain tangle free after I threw them into my purse before heading to work.  Lo and behold – as I was about to head out for a walk during lunch, I stuck my hand into the inner recesses of the purse and pulled out my Wraps, tangle free and ready to be plugged into my phone.

Thanks to the great people at Wraps for providing me with a sample for a review.  AND they were so nice that they send along 2 pairs.  So, since I can’t keep both of them I am going to host my first give away!

It’s pretty easy to win a pair of Wraps Wristband Headphones and #wearyoursound.

Enter through the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is for US residents only. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by 11:59PM EST on August 5, 2016, in order to be eligible. The winner of the giveaway will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter widget and emailed upon completion of the contest period. The winner will have 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.


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Disclaimer:  I was contacted by the marketing team at Wraps for my review of their product.  Although I was provided a sample to try out, all opinions and statements about Wraps are my own.

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    Great post. I have never run with music and I think it was because I could never find ear buds that I liked.


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