Zellee Organic – A Plant-Based Refueling Alternative For Athletes

Until last weekend I have been able to get away with not having to fuel my workouts. My daily runs quality workouts were such that I was out and back home in about an hour.

BUT that changed last weekend as I headed out for my longest quality workout since just before I tore and had surgery on my hamstring. In looking at the workout (2mi warm up; 4x1mi repeats; 2mi cool down) and weather (hello 70 degrees at 6am) I knew I would need more than just water to set me for success. I might not need something during the workout BUT as I was heading to the high school track I decided it would be a good idea to bring something with me “just in case”.

My gel stash was “expired” (To be honest I have not re-stocked my gels or chews in quite some time) and was a bit stressed on what I would bring with me. BUT luckily I had just received a package from Zelle Organic and decided to take them with me.

When I first started running – I was a very big fan of those uber sweet, almost frosting-like, gels. The problem was that many were hard to swallow while running and (for me) there was always the potential for choking if water was not around.

Zellee Organic – Review

As my stomach has become more sensitive, I have sought out less sweet alternatives. I read the back of Zellee Organic Sport Jels (filled with organic, plant-based ingredients and no gelatin) and decided to give it a whirl. I loved the the nutritional stats and that they contained electrolytes, since sweat a lot in the Summer.

Now full disclaimer – I did not carry these with me during my workout. I consumed the Jel my cool down so I cannot (yet) speak to how it would be to open and consume one on a run. What I can say that the pouch was easy to open, swallow, & tasted great! They are slightly lower in calories and carbs than your standard 100 calorie gel, so keep that in mind.

The hubs and I have some upcoming kayaking, biking and hiking adventures, and I will definitely be including these in our snack sack.

Use code AMCRUNS15 for 15% off your next purchase of Zellee Organic.

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